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I went to India with a decent foundation of knowledge about building repairing PC’s but had no experience on a professional level & set out to come home with the knowledge & qualifications to start a new career...

Stephen Tomlinson (United Kingdom), MCSE: Messaging 2003;;;Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 09 Jun to 12 Sep 2008

I went to India with a decent foundation of knowledge about building repairing PC’s but had no experience on a professional level & set out to come home with the knowledge & qualifications to start a new career. I succeeded but I would recommend getting as much studying done as you can before you go out there.

There are a lot of companies out there offering training & certification but the majority in the UK are either home learning kits with exam crams, 2 week boot camps or longer term 2-3 year options. I wanted something short term but had no interest a boot camp just to pass an exam.
Everywhere I searched on the internet Koenig had a high profile & kept cropping up. Initially I dismissed the idea of travelling to India & I was very concerned about being ripped off. After finding nothing to suit my requirements in the UK I began email correspondences with Koenig but I was spending my own money & wasn’t ready to commit. Eventually I found an article in the Guardian newspaper that recommended Koenig after interviewing 3 people who’d trained with them.

The communication I had with Koenig prior to traveling was excellent. I chose to train in Shimla & spent one night in Delhi before flying to Shimla the day after. I returned to Delhi at the end of my course & would recommend both forms of transport for getting to & from Shimla.

I spent 13 weeks in Shimla followed by 10 days travelling. It is a very relaxed part of India to visit for a westerner as you are not pestered by beggars & hawkers constantly as you are in India’s cities. It is a very beautiful place where it’s easy to focus on your studies.

Studies are normally Monday to Saturday,9.30-17.30. It is seriously hard graft & as often as you can cope with requires studying the books in your own time in the evening as well. There are enough things to do & see though to keep you sane when you need a break from studying. There was always a large group of students studying different subjects at the centre & we often took a break between class & studying in our Hotels/Apartments by having a meal together in restaurants on the Mall.

I met & made friends with lots of people during my stay, mainly from the UK, USA, Canada & Netherlands as well as many local people & tutors. It was a wonderful life experience as well as a studying trip. At times I missed home very badly being away for so long but was very sad to leave India in the end. It is a wonderful & magical place to visit once you adjust to not having all your own home comforts.

I stayed for a while at the Willows Bank Hotel & also the Combermere Hotel but if I was to stay train with Koenig in Shimla again I would choose to stay in Koenig’s own apartments. They are far cheaper & more than adequate.

The staff at Koenig in Shimla were fantastic. Praveen is the training centre manager & acts as your concierge during you stay. From Praveen & the assistant manager Rajeev, assistants Manohar & co even down to their drivers Sonu & Neggi, IT manager Jailahl you couldn’t wish to be looked after any better.

Any time of day whatever your need or problem they are there to help.

I was very fortunate to have the same tutor for the majority of my course. I shared class for the first two weeks with one more student & then for the whole of my MCSE course I had one on one training. My tutor Naveen was fantastic & got me through some tough times with seemingly endless patience & made the classes fun. He had lots of experience both as a teacher & working in IT & I never came up with a question that he wasn’t able to answer.

Koenig has many tutors for different subjects & if you choose a location where a local tutor is already booked to teach a course they will bring a tutor in from another location to accommodate you.

I got to know local MCSE tutors Naveen, Shamsher & Durgesh & programming tutors Ashish, Sachin. There were many others whose names I forget but all were extremely knowledgble & skilled as teachers according to my fellow students.

I intend to go back to India when time & funds permit study for more certifications & to visit my Indian friends. I cannot recommend Koenig enough as both a professional teaching organization & a welcoming & supportive group of people.

I can’t wait to go back.