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My Name is Stélio, I’m coming from Portugal and the purpose of my visit to India was to acquire a well-known and worldwide recognized Cisco CCNA training and certification...

Stelio Mabota (Portugal), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 21 Jun to 28 Jun 2010

My Name is Stélio, I’m coming from Portugal and the purpose of my visit to India was to acquire a well-known and worldwide recognized Cisco CCNA training and certification.

I arrived at Delhi Airport not knowing what to expect however the Koenig staff waited for me to get through customs and immigration and assisted me since the very first moment of my arrival. 

I had a few hours before starting the training at Koenig Delhi premises with an informal welcome and introduction to the Koenig training program by the management team at New Delhi. 

Cisco CCNA  training was my first and only course and I have absolutely enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone interested in.

The Trainer was very competent and had a lot of enterprise experience which was beneficial to me. 

Every single day was a full training day and although it was something bearable due to trainers capability of explaining the topics that we had to go through in an easy and understandable way.

As for the accommodation and the food and the people at Koenig I must say it is my best training experience that I have ever had and surely with comeback for more. 

In summary, it is truly Incredible Koenig in Incredible India.

I will strongly recommend those who are interested in pursuing a career in IT to come to India and have theory and practice with the best. You will find it stimulating both to going to a country that highly differs from what we are used to in Europe, US or Australia.

You will get superb treatment both from Koenig staff and from the people in India.

Best regards
Stélio Mabota