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Training that I have taken was just for 15 days, but I feel like I've taken it for a months, with the amount of knowledge that I've received from my Dear Instructor...

Simao Macaia Bumba (Angola), HTML;CSS;JavaScript;jQuery 17 Jan to 02 Feb 2013

Hi dear Sir/Madam

My name is Simao Macaia Bumba, I'm from Angola, and I work for Chevron, because of a co-worker I noticed about Koenig Solutions and at the same time we started arranging everything with the Sales Representative (our contact at Koenig) so, she arranged everything from the first day up to day that I was picked up from Airport by the driver and taken to the Hotel, just to resume; so it's always a great pleasure to go to a foreign country and get such kind of warmth.

Training Develop & Career

I consider Koenig as a great Solution as the name states for every one willing to deep, improve or even start his career in IT, though web design is a in new role in my career as IT person and my first interaction was with Web expression 2 which is the application that my company use to update our web pages, so HTML was a complicated language to deal with, forgetting CSS, JavaScript and JQuery which I didn't even heard about, so HTML was as strange language to describe without getting to know where to start and where to close, but now with Koenig and my Dear Instructor, I have all my doubts cleared and from now on, I will be working as a professional just requiring practice from my side, therefore, I'm proud and impressed with the type of training given at Koenig so, be assured that everyone around me I mean colleagues, fiends, brothers, students to and whoever willing learn, improve, and deep knowledge about IT, will get know about Koenig Campus and will driven.

During breaks and in the hours to go home whenever we question among colleagues about the course and instructor each individual instructor and training sessions and everybody was happy with Koenig, the training and the Instructors. It means that Koenig equipped with all requirement, infrastructures and human resource.

The Instructor

To be sincere, he is the best instructor that I have ever had in my life, so he's really equipped with all requisites required, technical background, Pedagogy, teaching methodology.

Himself was very patient, careful and friendly and helpful, he made the class interactive with introductions, developments, explanations after explanations, question and answers etc. So whatever he found that I was unable to answer and put in practice he re-explained and re-explained to make me more clear and repeated asking the same question for several time to make sure that I understood, thus he was helpful and gave his maximum.

Training that I have taken was just for 15 days, but I feel like I've taken it for a months, with the amount of knowledge that I've received from my Dear Instructor.

Thus the Koenig people are good, hospitable, friendly and respectful so keep on with the same path because you're already on top so, the lesson learnt will go far.

Thanks for the opportunity
Simao Macaia Bumba
LMS Admin at Chevron Angola