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I’m Shatis Rathipal and I’m currently employed as technician at Telesur...

Shatis Rathipal (Suriname), Solaris 10 ZFS Administration 13 Jun to 17 Jun 2011

I’m Shatis Rathipal and I’m currently employed as technician at Telesur. Telesur is a Telecom provider in Suriname. Recently our company decided to train a couple of employees on Solaris. We did not have the chance to visit the Koenig training center because the company decided to give the SCSA 10 course at their own training facility, so one of the trainers from Koenig Solutions came to Suriname.

I have attended many courses in the recent years but this was one of the most interesting and intense courses I have attended. The trainer was very well prepared and he was an expert in Solaris. Those are the factors that made the course interesting for me. Our trainer was amazing.

In order to attend the Solaris course, basic knowledge of Unix is required but some of my colleagues had no knowledge of Unix. The trainer was very kind to go back to the basics and still managed to cover all the topics related to Solaris. That’s why I said he was amazing.

The course was very helpful for my Solaris related work and I have learned a lot of new tricks from the course and also from the trainer.

My overall experience with Koenig Solutions was good. I have also checked their webpage and I’m impressed with the training packages they are offering. I’m looking forward to take another course from Koenig Solutions. I have them on my favorites so I check them once a while. I would certainly recommend Koenig course to my friends and colleagues.

I would like to thank my company for organizing such training and I would also like to thank my trainer not only for sharing his knowledge but also for his kindness towards us.