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Today am ending one class session on SCSA but its just the start of an even greater venture SCNA, I am on my way to SCSECA and the journey becomes an infinite...

Samson Oduor (Kenya), OCP, Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator (formerly SCSA);Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) 19 Oct to 13 Nov 2009

Today am ending one class session on SCSA but its just the start of an even greater venture SCNA, I am on my way to SCSECA and the journey becomes an infinite.

I come from a country on the shores of East Africa known as Kenya, we have just undergone a revolution from Satellite to Fibre connection. In the light of these changes on connectivity we have had to migrate our infrastructure to a more robust system as a company.

With the Introduction of a new system skills to maneuver it becomes a relevant prerequisite and this is where the story starts. 

I shortlisted Koenig as my preffered school because of its reputation & testimonials I have read from students. Besides just seeing positive feedbacks from students what interested me most is that the fee for training is recession proof and the time resource is well managed to help you get the knowledge and the required certification. 

And so I set from south of the Indian Ocean towards the North for a long Journey to mine for this diamond, hope! as I traversed the mass mountains of Ethiopia, then cast to the open deserts of the middle east where stars are the only sign that remain and I paused for a refreshment on the Gulf of Emirates. Finally Incredible India and to what brought me here !

It was a warm reception from the Airport to the hotel and to the main mine field of knowledge, I first met with the centre manager for a briefing she spoke with a very passionate tone which made me feel so honored to be in India. The beauty and passion of that warm reception extended to the hospitality desk and I often came across it in the examination centre. The beauty of the three ladies I often came across, runs deep in their heart, words cannot describe it. Thank you ! 

It was such a privilege to have been studying around such an environment of staff with respect and passion at school and at the apartment my second home to class. To all the people living in India this gratitude extends to you, your passion has made me feel so honored.  

In class with my instructor you would forget that you are sitting with  Andy Bechtolsheim who conceived Sun Microsystems! From his expertise to simplicity of making Unix look simple like window's XP. 

From an equipped lab  with sparc servers to a virtual environment running x86 the knowledge was impacted. Koenig was not just about the certifications the knowledge was driven down my throat  and at this defining moment I am speaking to you as an experience SCSA. On a very personal note I take this opportunity on behalf of my company Accesskenya Group who sent me here to thank Koenig and more specifically Mr. Andy ... sorry my trainer for your expertise, patience and commitment in impacting me with skills, words are not enough to express my gratitude you have been like a brother to me ! Erokamano ! (thank you)

PS: For those of you who are coming down to India I have to tell you... take extra days to stay in India. One of the wonders of the world known as the Taj Mahal is very spectacular. For those who like designer clothes they have very affordable places to shop for all kind of gears!  Once again its a big EROKAMANO !  God bless.