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After an introduction to business Intelligence through some of my past working experience...

Samir Ferrag (France), ;MCPD Web Developer 4;MCITP SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Developer 09 May to 18 Jun 2011

After an introduction to business Intelligence through some of my past working experience. I wanted to push my knowledge to the max in this field. Let's call it a challenge. This is why I decided to prepare some valuable Microsoft certifications.

Through Google Search Engine, I have found several schools and training centers that offer the same training path. Beyond the financial aspects, I'm very worried about the training quality.

After consulting some friends who have already prepared some certifications, they've definitely recommended for me Koenig Solutions.

Just after finishing the computer science master degree, I felt that the time is appropriate to go for the challenge I want to make.

My experience at Koenig Solutions, Delhi was very positive. From the moment I booked my courses until the day I left, everything was organized in a perfect way. I got picked up from the airport and was brought to my hotel. I immediately felt welcomed.

Breakfast and dinner were served every day at the hotel and lunch was provided at the training center. I will tell you the truth. Indian spicy meals were nice!

I also liked that Koenig provided sightseeing I attended in my free time (I hadn't a lot of those times because of the workload). But knowing that's a life experience, I found a short day to visit Taj-Mahal. The place is so welcoming and I loved the story behind this great achievement. The trip was for me a very memorable time.

From the first day I intended the course, I realized that I'm going to learn something. Indians teachers are really shaped for teaching. Teachers with their solid backgrounds have a lot to give.

The SQL Server Business Intelligence and MCPD Web Developer 4 Courses that I followed for 6 weeks were very intense, which meant that I learned a lot in a very short time. The teachers have solid backgrounds and took their time to further explain in details if needed. In fact, my teacher repeatedly asked if I had any doubts to make sure that I completely understood the material.

I want express my deep gratitude to all staff of the hotel, the trainers and employers of Koenig Solutions and also random people on the streets, thinks to them I learned a lot. Thanks for this great technology and human experience that I will never forget!