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Instructor: The OCA & OCP 9i Forms Developer & OCA DBA 11g training combined fast track was hard work but very rewarding...

Saifullah Paktin (Afghanistan), Oracle9i Forms Developer (OCA & OCP) 09 Mar to 30 Mar 2009

Instructor: The OCA & OCP 9i Forms DeveloperOCA DBA 11g training combined fast track was hard work but very rewarding. But because of my best trainer, I learned some thing that I never seen in my dreams, in fast track that much useful information which she taught me, I am really happy and I will never forget her kindness that how much she tried with me to learn some thing. And if I am OCP its because of you. I do really proud of you.
Initially, I was worried of what to meet and how easy it will be for me having little programming experience but all those worries were thrown to the air after she taught me. She is a real born teacher who knows various ways of making something complex really simple. One of the things that I really like it about her is that she reads her student well and has a way of getting things done in a pretty nice manner.

Management: the management of institute and their behaviors were excellent any thing that was needed for me in the course or out of the course they provided.

Environment: One thing that i will miss it to end of my life: Koenig has jolly staff, if you will look at them every one has smile on lips and very friendly environment, i never missed my family i never felt alone here because of their best behaviors. Because it’s not easy to keep on 8 hours regular study per day but they will make it easy for you, but you also have to work hard and keep their proud. I am sure every one of instructors dose proud if they have hard worker student.
Out of course: And if you are lucky maybe you will enjoy their festivals like Holi which they are celebrating with colors and they are putting colors on each other, Diwali and much more ……….

You will find these advantages if you come to Koenig Solution Center:

Best instructors
Best Management
Best information
Best Accommodation
Best friendly environment
Best training equipments

Its was really good experience in my life.
And I am recommending it to all who’s love Technology this is the best environment for getting the best knowledge training. Come with empty brain and take full of useful information brain to your country.
Thanks Again of All Staff and my instructor especially I will miss you always,
I hope you will have more proud in future.

Saifullah Paktin