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I’m Said Alhashmi from Sultanat of Oman; I am working in Oman Medical Specialty Board...

Said Muselem Hedeb Alhashmi (Oman), CCNA Security (IINS V3) 27 Jul to 03 Aug 2010

I’m Said Alhashmi from Sultanat of Oman; I am working in Oman Medical Specialty Board.

I knew about the Koenig Solutions training center from my friend Suliman when he was searching in the internet about doing some IT courses out of the country in our field. India been a very developed country in IT, and a having observe the knowledge of the Indian working back home, has been a motivation for me to decide on doing my training in India. The decision we have made was right to come and visit this wonderful place GOA for CCNMA Security training. Every thing was taken care of by the people, who were waiting for us and the apartment which is very comfortable.

Having done my MCSE certificate in my country this time I planned to come to India and experience the change. I had studied CCNA Security course in my college. When I came here I was thinking what ever I’m going to study it will be repeated from what I studied before in CCNA, but the fact was different, I found CCNA Security course completely different and new subject for me so here I was not sure if I’m going to cover the entire subject in only 6 days or not, therefore first class was difficult for me but because I’m having excellent teacher, the subject become interesting and all my fear disappeared.

My class hrs was from 9.00 am to 5.00pm. Monday to Saturday. During this time the trainers has plan a schedule for a day which involves the theory and the practical too for CCNA Security training. The labs are equipped with all the hardware (routers, Switches etc) that is required to preform the practicals. And the trainers are all at your help all the time.

My trainer was excellent to deliver the knowledge and he understands the entire subject of CCNA Security course. He is explaining in very simple way for me to understand and he was very patient when I was trying to understand new things.

All people here are very helpful, kind and most of the services which provide by the center were very useful. Class has all the equipments that student need to do their practical activities. Accommodation is very convenient for students to study without any thing to worry. (Koenig Students apartments)

People who think to get knowledge as well as the certificate in IT field I highly recommend KOENIG SOLUTIONS Goa centre.