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>Firstly, thank you to the management and staff of Koenig Solutions for a great time and a wonderful experience. ..

Ronnie Cyhome (Guinea), CompTIA Project+ 2009 14 Mar to 21 Mar 2011

Firstly, thank you to the management and staff of Koenig Solutions for a great time and a wonderful experience. I have just completed my CompTIA A+ course. Koenig is a great IT training centre with all the support and facilities provided.

My name is Ronnie Cyhome and I am from Papua New Guinea. For me I had a wish that if there is any country to visit in the world, it would be none other than India. The opportunity to travel to this great country and to receive IT training that is recognized around the world has added value besides fulfilling my wish and I will never forget all the days during my stay. When I arrived in New Delhi International Airport, I was so exhausted after many hours of flight. However, I was impressed because Koenig cab was ready to pick me up. I was taken to Koenig Student Apartment which is situated in a secured location. Food is spicy and awesome, pickup and drop off was well organized and the support staffs are always on time to perform their duties.

I had the privilege to attend a Regular Track on a 1-on-1 basis. All the trainers are sound and knowledgeable in the field and are dedicated to the success of their work and the respective subject they teach. The amount of knowledge imparted to me was very helpful and I felt that certification alone is not enough, but getting knowledge also is very essential. From the first day till the day I gave my exam, my trainer provided guidance and ensures what I was learning is applicable to the workplace environment. I was given the chance to do experiments along with the theory lessons with full assistance which gave me more confidence to handle issues and troubleshoot problems. He was very flexible and time was not wasted.

I feel that I have chosen the right place to receive IT training. With this, I am also planning to come back for my CompTIA N+ course later this year and any other IT courses that would help me to expand my knowledge build me up.

From the time I landed at the airport, Koenig took care of everything and the only thing for me is to eat, sleep and learn. Whenever I faced problem the staffs made it a priority and find time to attend to them very quickly. For instance, on the first day my Wi-Fi was not working on my laptop and also I could not plug it to the wall socket because the port was of different standard. However, with the assistance of my trainer, the technicians resolved this issue completely on the second day.

During my stay I also had a chance to see and be part of the Festival of Colors (Holi) with Koenig staff. It is an interesting celebration where all the people color their clothes and bodies with variety of colored dyes and have fun.

Thank you
Ronnie Cyhome
Papua New Guinea