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I will say that the Goa site staff and support individuals were very pleasant, courteous, friendly and very helpful. I will always appreciate the staff for making me feel comfortable and at ease...

Rodney Brillantes (United States), MCITP: Server Administrator – Windows Server 2008 (MCSA 2008) 11 May to 02 Jun 2013


I just want to give a brief summary of my experience with the Koenig Solutions Training facility in Goa.

My instructor as well as the centre manager were very responsive to my MCITP: Server Administrator training needs. The instructor was very knowledgeable, and explained the material in such a way that I was able to digest it in a timely manner. He also provided discussions regarding application of the technical tools in specific scenarios where they applied and what one could expect as an outcome. My instructor also took the time to answer specific questions that I had, where he would breakdown the issue and explain the specific process or the necessary reasons or expectations to a level of simplicity that even a novice could understand.

In my case, I found the labs to be invaluable for my positive learning experience. I had limited hands-on with the tools, the labs gave me the hands-on that I needed, and the trainer was there to help out where I got stuck with some of the procedures.

It has been my experience that the instructor will make or break the learning experience, especially where they are able to help a student at any level of expertise, understand the material and communicate to the individual at that specific level of experience, i.e. one that had no previous technical experience, versus an experienced IT professional with years of experience in the industry. My trainer was that type of technical IT instructor and I was fortunate to have worked with him. He was very informed and knowledgeable with the software and tools. He was able to communicate the necessary principals and major learning points for each of the individual topics. I commend him for this. It made for a very positive learning/training experience at the Goa location.

The IT on-site support staff was also excellent. If there was something I needed help with on my laptop, or a connectivity issue in the training room, they were very responsive and without any delays, they would resolve issues. Wow! Top notch.

The accommodations and services provided at the student apartment were excellent, the bedding was changed twice a week, fresh, clean sheets and towels. The rooms were cleaned almost every day. The common areas in the student apartments were maintained daily and water was provided as needed. Even mosquito repellent was provided for studying in a "bite-free" environment.

Apartment supervisor was also very helpful and so very attentive to my requests. I had to limit my intake of the local menu with the added spices. He worked with me in providing me with an alternative meal that wasn't so spicy. This helped me tremendously. Again, I was very thankful for their personal touch of customer service.

Overall and foremost, it was conducted in a casual, but professional setting. I will say that the Goa site staff and support individuals were very pleasant, courteous, friendly and very helpful. I will always appreciate the staff for making me feel comfortable and at ease. They even celebrated my birthday with a little get together after lunch with all the staff and all the students. I will never forget it. Very nice. I never expected this.

I have attended training courses in the US, and now in India. I would rate my time in India very high at the Koenig Goa training facility. It was a combination of the staff and their casual/friendly demeanor, yet professionalism that made it a win-win situation for me. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any IT professional.

Very Respectfully,
Rodney Brillantes