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I`m from Zimbabwe, I work and live in United Kingdom and have been involved in the I.T...

Robert Mushambi (United Kingdom), MCSE 2000 & Upgrade to MCSE 2003 19 Jul to 03 Sep 2004

I`m from Zimbabwe, I work and live in United Kingdom and have been involved in the I.T. industry for a few years now. When the organization I work for decided to upgrade the from Win2k to 2003 it became apparent I needed to develop my set skills as well and add another certificate. However, no-one was going to sponsor me academically so I took it upon myself to earn the skills I felt I needed. I had certain constraints to overcome if I was going to do this and achieve what I needed such as study discipline, allocating study time and financial issue.

It was apparent at an early stage I needed time off from work to get myself into a boot camp that could also provide results I need as failure was not one of my options at undertaking the course. Koenig seemed to offer this opportunity but I was still not sure if they would help me meet my goal. After personal testimony from a friend and seeing his achievements I enrolled with Koenig.

Coming to India

This was my first visit to India I had done all research I thought I could but there was nowhere it mentioned that the traffic rules in Delhi were not the best in the world but this unpleasant experience was soon forgotten when I got to my hotel and warm reception I had from the staff to be honest all Indian people I`ve come across during my stay have been warm, cheerful and ready to help.

India has some great places to visit, an amazing culture experience for me and I can safely say I enjoy being here. Being in India was not an easy decision for me as it meant being away from my friends and family who I miss a great deal.

My studies at Koenig
I came to study for an MCSE 2K, up-grade to 2003 and MCDBA, but when I got here I knew I had not prepared myself for enough for the course and had to put in extra hours study on average I achieve 4 to 5 hours sleep and rest of my time has been dedicated to the course, its not as bad considering the results I`ve achieved but I could not have done it without the support of my family who I love and were supportive when I needed them most. The tutors do know their stuff the atmosphere at Koenig is great people seem to get along very well. Also available is the Concierge run by a remarkable lady Isha, this is very handy providing all recreational information that you need and facilitating events at weekends, currency exchange etc. My Koenig experience certainly met my expectations and thanks to the friends I met.