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My name is Bob Marsden, I live in Shoreham-by-Sea on the south coast of England about 6 miles west of Brighton...

Robert Marsden (United Kingdom), MCSD (VB .NET/Visual C#) 01 Mar to 29 Mar 2004

My name is Bob Marsden, I live in Shoreham-by-Sea on the south coast of England about 6 miles west of Brighton. I have been happily married to a wonderful wife for 20 years now and I have two children, a son of 17 and a daughter of 16.

I made the move to computing as a career about 3 years ago from an engineering background but was recently made redundant. I decided to spend some of my redundancy on gaining some Microsoft Certifications and so, decided to do an MCAD course. Having started the course I decided to extend my time here and get an MCSD as well.

I chose Koenig and India for two reasons, initially the price but
also for the fact that you can complete a test online, which is then scored by a tutor to give a level of knowledge. This score can then be used to select the course length best suited to your knowledge level. This in itself gave me the confidence that the course was achievable in the time (and money) I had available.

The Staff at Koenig are all very friendly and approachable. I celebrated a birthday while I was there and the staff marked the occasion with a card and a bunch of flowers. My tutor, also bought me a present, some Gulab Jaman, an Indian sweet (that is incredibly sweet but has a very nice after taste). Three others also had birthdays around this time and Isha arranged a birthday cake for us all.

The course is intense as the workload is very high and nearly all my spare time was consumed with study and revision. I came out to get the certification and that is exactly what I got, unfortunately my time scale gave me no time to see anything of the local area. I just wish I had taken a bit more time out here to see some of India. I plan to come back with my wife for a holiday.

The hotel Rangoli was a nice hotel with a very friendly staff. The roof has been set up with tables and chairs to form a pleasant socializing area. In my opinion this was the best of the hotels and I was very pleased to have been placed here. If I come back to do further courses (and I plan to) I will ask to stay there again. I
would suggest you bring a travel kettle to make your own drinks; coffee, tea sugar and powdered milk are all available at a shop just down the road.

The Roads are absolutely incredible, with pedestrians walking down the middle of the road, cars driving on the wrong side of the road and cars just pulling out at junctions apparently regardless of oncoming traffic. But there appears to be very few accidents, probably due to the fact that they all expect each other to do the same and although it appears chaotic it seems to work.

I was fortunate to come out at the end of February, the weather
had warmed up to that of a hot British summers day, and the Holi Festival was just about to begin. This  is a fun  time, for  several days leading up to the big day, people bomb pedestrians with small   water   filled balloons (so you have to avoid the wet spot on the road if you want to keep dry).

Holi this year was on Sunday 6 March and Koenig arranged a party for us on the Saturday evening at a venue outside of Delhi. The scenery on the drive out was beautiful it was so lush and green with great swathes of red blossoms hanging from the trees and monkeys running around everywhere. The Party was great fun with a disco, lots of coloured powders to throw at each other and a fantastic spread of food with a huge variety of dishes and lots of drink. Everyone had a great time and a chance to mingle with each other and the staff.

I have been very pleased and impressed by the whole setup and would like to thank everyone for the experience especially my tutor who I got on with extremely well and who was very patient! Ritesh, for helping me with various problems with my laptop and Isha for everything else, except for telling me that Palak paneer doesn't have chilli in it.