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My Koenig Experience Well after 21 days in New Delhi, I am finally leaving with my Microsoft Certifications...

Robert Jason Hudson (United Kingdom), MCPD: Web Developer 15 Jul to 04 Aug 2008

My Koenig Experience
Well after 21 days in New Delhi, I am finally leaving with my Microsoft Certifications. Yippee!

But first a wee bit about me. My name is Jason Hudson from Reading, Berkshire England. I work in IT doing software/hardware integration.

I have sorely missed programming and decided that the only thing to do was to get certified as I sorely needed an upgrade after 15 years in the industry.

As I had to self sponsor my study, I had to shop around and that is how I cam across Koenig. Yes they are much cheaper but they also offer more than you would expect paying ridiculously expensive prices in the UK.

Needless to say it has involved a lot of study, frustration with one-self (nothing academical gets easier as you get older!), loads of panic (another trait with which I am well acquainted with) and self-doubt (“What have I done?”, “What am I doing here?”)

However, the experience was made so much easier and petty worries salved by the staff at Koenig. My thanks especially go to:

  1. My Trainer (aka the walking-talking .NET encyclopaedia), for her extreme patience and diligence at getting the information through, and steering me back to the task at work; whilst I chatted away incessantly. And for working around my study-induced narcolepsy!
  2. Center Manager: for helping me settle in on the first day and providing any information one needed.
  3. Concierge: Well, he really is the font of all knowledge… what else can one say! Sorry for all the times I contacted you at late hours with my problems and doing your best to sort them out for me.
  4. Prometric Testing Manager: Holder of the keys to the Prometric Dungeons.
  5. My thanks also go to the rest of the staff whose daily jobs are rarely appreciated but make our lives comfortable, arranging our meals and taking our tired carcasses to and from our hotels and the airport.
  6. One thing you must try to do is to take the front seat and experience the traffic that goes round this strange and wonderful city… Believe you will not only find the imaginary brakes, but also the super brake and the hard stop versions… It definitely is the quickest way to get you back to high levels of alertness for the evening study!

    It’s also no wonder we nicknamed it the brown seat!

    I also got to go to the Taj Mahal, thanks here again for arranging the taxis for our trip especially as the numbers of trekkers kept changing until 1.00am in the morning, when we finally gave him the go-ahead.

    One thing which you will notice as soon as you get to Koenig are the number of different nationalities you will meet from lands as far apart as Panama is to East Timor, Fiji is to the Seychelles and as Canada is to Australia, all sat around the lunch table talking animatedly and all here for one purpose.

    For all of you who live in temperate lands, come in the winter, Delhi is one hot place. I have lived and/or travelled in the tropics and have never come across such heat which hardly abates even at night.

    My main regret is that I did not have enough time to explore New Delhi properly as I could not have enough days off work! For those who will be staying around Patel Nagar, I found a bar-resto on my second last night based in the courtyards around Rajendra Place metro station called Arien, brilliant…. Got a wee bit drunk and started dancing Ceroc when some Latino tracks were put on!

    Well I hope that these erm few words are enough to convince you to pack your suitcase and go to Delhi. Get there with an open mind and a smile on your face and enjoy yourself.

    So my last day will involve going around Karol Bagh a-shopping!

    All that is left is for me to say to everyone at Koenig, both staff and students “Bohot Bohot Shukriya” and hopefully see you all soon!