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I have been working in the UK with an IT industry since 1998 and have used SQL Server version 7...

Robert James Ashton (United Kingdom), MCITP Database Administrator: SQL Server 2008 03 Oct to 07 Oct 2011

I have been working in the UK with an IT industry since 1998 and have used SQL Server version 7. Most of my work has been in SQL Development and Maintenance. A year ago or so I took the decision to refocus slightly and aimed for a DBA role. I took a contract as a DBA/Developer and I am enjoying it immensely. In order to benchmark myself against the industry standard, I decided that I would take some exams and become certified.

After researching the options available to me, I decided that I would take the MCITP Database Administrator: SQL Server 2008 training with Koenig Solutions on a super-fast track. I looked at the various locations available and opted for Koenig Dehradun as my training centre.

From the moment of first contact with Koenig, I found them to be extremely efficient and helpful. All queries were answered very quickly and help & advice given whenever requested.

My journey to Dehradun via Delhi was organised to the highest level with Koenig drivers who collected me from the airport, dropped me to my Koenig Student Apartment (Delhi) for some time and again dropped me to the station for Dehradun.

I started my course on Monday. I have to say it was a major undertaking! I had underestimated the amount of material that we would have to cover - but bear in mind that the standard track is for fifteen days and we were going to get through it in four days. So I should have known what I was in for, really. But my instructor was absolutely excellent. She had phenominal knowledge of SQL Server and any time I had a question she could always explain with a quick diagram on the whiteboard. I was very impressed. We rattled through twenty modules for the MCTS in two days and, with a huge amount of revision, I passed the exam on Wednesday morning. Then, we went straight to the MCITP training and another twelve modules in two days, which again we completed on time. I passed the second exam on the Friday morning to my immense relief.

I stayed in the Koenig Student Apartment on the Rajpur Road Enclave in Dehradun. It was clean and comfortable, and less than ten minutes walk from the training centre. Every evening we had a home cooked meal and there was no detail that Dinesh could not cater for. He is a credit to the organization. The food was wonderful and it was a treat to sit down with other Koenig students from all over the world.

In closing, here are a few bullet points for prospective (Dehradun) students:
1. Note that it is a boot camp. The workload is intense, and you will need to study after class as well.
2. You will be well fed.
3. The Center Manager at the training centre is brilliant and she makes sure your stay would be as smooth as possible.
4. Take a few days extra at the end to unwind. It's well worth it.

Thank you all at Koenig for everything - you helped me to achieve my certification goal in a record time, and I had an adventure while I was doing it!