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My first day I was picked up from near my cheap hotel by taxi (the cheapest hotel but not the cheapest accommodation which is 'the apartments')...

Robert Darcy (United Kingdom), MCSE 2003 02 Jun to 19 Jun 2008

My first day I was picked up from near my cheap hotel by taxi (the cheapest hotel but not the cheapest accommodation which is 'the apartments').

I came prepared to India with some Testing materials for further study which I bought off the net beforehand. Goodness knows why I did that, it was a mistake. Koenig and your trainer will assist you to find ALL the materials which are required yourself - for free! The materials are of such a high quality that if you put the time in out of class you are guaranteed to pass - I am proof of that!

I want to add a side note about Sunday - a real low point for me. I had been out for a few beers with some other students and was up until 2am, my fault. I had agreed to class on Sunday with my trainer Durgesh in order to have a day off for revision on Tuesday, a little closer to my exam. At this point I had been trying to revise the materials for the exam but felt they were almost in a foreign language. The networks part of the MCSA - the 291 exam (otherwise known as 'The Beast') is definitely the hardest Microsoft exam I have ever taken and one of the hardest exams I have done PERIOD. Richard Cope will agree with me.

I came into class and the trainer asked me how my revision was coming along. At this point I was ready to throw the towel in and was questioning my ability to work in IT at all! On explaining how none of the material was clicking with me or making any sense the trainer changed the lesson plan for the day and spent the first two hours working through the questions I was having problems with and helped me to understand them. This was a real turning point. I had not wanted to take class that day; I was tired, burnt out and despondent. However, by the end of the class I was honestly feeling almost exuberant at the fact that I felt, for the first time since the second module started the Wednesday before (directly after my 290 exam - OUCH!) that I was in with a fighting chance of passing this mother.

And pass I did.

The professionalism, courtesy, patience and understanding shown by all the staff at Koenig is second to non and this truly is an end to end service. Not only was getting from Delhi to Shimla a cinch but having settled my final bill with the concierge, he has offered to arrange and book all my forward travel through India right through to the 15th July!

This is why Koenig were announced as a runner up in the worldwide official Microsoft Partner for learning solutions award yesterday.