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I came to India with two primary Objectives...

Riccoardo Germano (Colombia), CCNA & CCNP 03 Oct to 27 Oct 2006

I came to India with two primary Objectives:

1) Achieve between a month both CCNA and CCNP certifications

2) Know the source of interesting cultures, religions and beautiful landscapes.

I’m so glad by having accomplished this Goals successfully and to full all my expectations about India, a great and particular country. I passed all my exams on the first attempt, achieving scores over 900!

I’m from Colombia and I work for a well recognized Hi-Tech company in Latin America. Even if I had many years of experience and knowledge about Cisco before reaching Keonig, I decided to take a bootcamp to get certified as I did on the past, about other technologies. I choose Keonig because I received since the beginning all the answers that I had about the courses, as well as a kind and respite attention. Additionally, it was a chance to visit the Himalayan Mountains, which I always wanted to know, a new Country and Asia for my first time.

People in India is nice and particularly at Koenig. The instructors are professional about their jobs and the methodology is good.

I left India very pleased, after having a great experience. I really recommend Koenig.