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Leaving behind your family for about three months to attend IT courses almost 6500 Kilometers from home sounded a little strange for most people I know...

Reginald Bal (Belgium), Java EE 6 Developer (OCE-WCD, JSF 2, OCE-EJB, OCE-JPA & OCE-JWS) 11 May to 30 Jul 2009

Leaving behind your family for about three months to attend IT courses almost 6500 Kilometers from home sounded a little strange for most people I know.

Why would you do something like that? Can’t you find the same courses in Belgium? What about your family?
Well, all these things were well considered before I made this decision. The boot camp in India turned out to be one of my best experiences of this kind I ever had.

On Saturday 9th of May  I arrived in Delhi  to attend the Career Enabler track for Java (SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD & SCDJWS) from 11th of May till 31st  of July  ’09.

I stayed for the night in an apartment where on Sunday early morning I left together with a German student to catch our train to Dehradun.  It was a long but far from boring trip since you are confronted with sceneries you are not able to describe in a few words.

On Sunday afternoon I got a ‘smiling’ welcome in the ‘Country House’ which is situated in a very nice environment. A few students were chatting outside in front of the dining room. One of these guys, from the Netherlands, explained me in a nutshell all what could useful for a Koenig-‘newbie’.  About the food in the Country House and training centre, how to move around with the TukTuk , study attitudes and so on.

Monday was my first day at the training centre.  I was welcomed by the Centre Manager and introduced to my first instructor. While I initially registered myself for a ‘group course’ in Regular Track I got a 1-on-1 course instead, a present I accepted with both hands.

Everything is done to make your stay comfortable and to make sure you get training at a high quality level. You may however never underestimate the efforts which are expected from yourself.

It was great to have had instructors with the right knowledge and the right teaching skills.

Right after ending my first course, my trainer along with me shifted to Delhi. For some reasons I thought Delhi would suit me better. Koenig was fully aware of my specific needs and expectations and were very helpful to make this transition happen in a smoothly way!

The temperature in Delhi (at one time reaching 47 C°) is a lot higher than in Dehradun as is the traffic, but anyhow I felt at home immediately. By the way, acting as the first guest in ‘Koenig Inn’ (first owned hotel of Koenig) is a great honor, don’t you think so?

After my first instructor, who trained me successfully for  SCJP as well as for SCWCD, a second trainer would take me through the SCBCD track. 

This instructor was not only great in her teachings but also gave me a lot of cultural info and some good tips related to the trips I planned later on. Without her input I would have surely missed out for example my memorable visit to the places Vrindavan & Mathura.

For my fourth course (SCDJWS) I was introduced to my third instructor. He was a real professional and responsible person who also gave me important and valuable career tips as a bonus.
Three months in India, what did I do besides studying and taking exams?

Well, I thought it was a golden opportunity to visit some of the many historical & religious places India is blessed with.

Some of them,

Agra:  Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Tomb of Akbar the Great
Delhi: Old Fort, Red Fort, India Gate, Qutab Minar, Lotus Temple, Humayun’s Tomb, Akshardam Temple
Mathura: Dwarkadeesh Temple, Gita Mandir, Krishna Janam Bhumi
Vrindavan: Banke Bihari Temple, ISKCON
Amritsar: Golden Temple, Wagah Border (border India-Pakistan), Jallianwala Bagh, Ram Bagh Gardens, Durgiana Temple

While I appreciated each and every of these places I did very much enjoy  the chanting of Hare Krisna Mahamantra in ISKCON Temple, the astonishing beauty of the Golden Temple (also the Lungar you can join there with hundreds of people), the breathtaking architecture and spiritual experience at Akshardam.

During my long stay I met a lot of different kind of people from many different countries & different religions. It is amazing how fast everyone is getting along with each other and how easy new friends pop into your life.

No doubt, Koenig Solutions is the #1 choice to get training from top educated professionals in a well organized way and on locations where you have access to cultural, architectural, religious and spiritual treasures.

I thank all my trainers, Koenig Management, hotel management and staff, the drivers and all my colleague students for the wonderful time I got.

See you soon!