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I found out about Koenig Solutions when I went to a careers event in London in 2005, and due to work commitments ...

Raj Caussy (United Kingdom), MCITP: Enterprise Administrator – Windows Server 2008;Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 06 Jul to 19 Aug 2009

I found out about Koenig Solutions when I went to a careers event in London in 2005, and due to work commitments I had put the whole training off until July 2009,

Finally, I decided to take the risk. It was my first journey to India and I arrived in New Dehli a little bit excited. A person from Koenig was waiting for me at the International Airport and organized my transfer to depart on a domestic flight to Dehradun, which took a little under 1 hour.

When I arrived at Dehradun a Koenig representative met me and took me to the apartments that I opted to stay in as part of my package. From Dehradun airport to the apartments only took a further 45 minutes drive. The apartment I am staying in is number 95 Room 3, which has a balcony from which you can see the mountains and it’s such a wonderful view, especially when you wake up and that’s the first thing you see.

I have been here for 2 months, and all my tutors are very knowledgeable. If there are topics I am not clear about my tutors would go over the subject until I could explain to them about the topic, the point being that all tutors are very very patient.

My first course was the MCITP 2008 which was 28 days. My tutor was so helpful he even gave up his Sundays so that we could make sure that we went over a few topics and if I needed more assistance towards the exam. Apart from just Sundays, we stayed at the training center until 19:30 a majority of the days.

If you are going to do an MCITP with Koenig, my trainer is the best - he is a great laugh and makes learning great !!!

The Center Manager is the most helpful person in the world and so is the Caretaker who will maintain your apartment. Both of them go out of their way to make sure that all your concerns are met with a resolution.

The apartment at Dehradun, are a five minute walk from the training center and I do mean 5 minutes and not just as a figure of speech.

Everything is done for the students to feel well, the accommodation is quiet and propitious to study. People are nice and obliging, teachers very competent and receptive to questions, never hesitating to develop subjects not formally included in the course but very useful in the frame of real life situations. In addition, the limited number of students per course allows the teacher to devote more time to each person.

According to this, don’t make the same mistake I did. When preparing my journey, I planned to arrive two days before starting the course and to leave two days after my last exam. India is a wonderful country and Dedhradun a beautiful city with so many nice places to visit such as Mussoorie or Rishikesh. So, to all persons who appreciate the geographic and cultural diversity, I recommend to not hesitate to extend their journey for one or two additional weeks.

My 2 months at Koenig is one that I will never forget and most definitely will be coming back !!

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