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Here I am, sitting in the Clay Oven Restaurant, having just finished an excellent dinner...

Puneet Misra (United Kingdom), MCSD (VB .NET/Visual C#) 29 Sep to 02 Dec 2004

Here I am, sitting in the Clay Oven Restaurant, having just finished an excellent dinner. I am in a celebratory mood, having just completed my last Microsoft Exam at Koenig. I am now a Dual MCSD.Net (in both C# & VB.Net), it sure feels good. Believe me it was hard, hard work, but its definitely worth it.

I am going to spend the next few days exploring Delhi (or Dhilli as the locals say), before I fly back to London. Though I am looking forward to getting home, I know that I will miss Delhi. I must admit I never thought I would feel like that, when I arrived eight weeks ago. Initial impressions of Delhi were not favorable. That changed, as I grew acclimatized and more familiar with my surroundings.

This was possibly easier for me, since I am of Indian origin and have visited India many times. But Delhi and any large Indian metropolis are not the real India, which is to be found only in the rural areas. Delhi is crowded, noisy and dirty, its streets a never-ending cavalcade that can frazzle even the most seasoned traveler. But after a time you will be able to look beyond the crowds and noise and this can be most rewarding. So get out and about, don’t hide away in your hotel. When it all becomes too much for you, retreat to a 5 star hotel for a couple of hours to recharge your batteries.

Below are bits and pieces of information to make your time in Delhi less stressful:

Planning Your Trip

  1. Try to arrive a few days prior to the commencement of your training. This will allow you time to acclimatize and get the most out of your course.
  2. Book your return flight for as late as possible. This will give you more flexibility in case you need to retake exams, etc.
  3. Bring a laptop if you can. It will really help you not only in your training, but also allow you to keep in touch with life back home.
  4. Bandwidth in hotels and at the Koenig office is very low, 15K or 16K. Better speeds can be got via a 3G CDMA mobile phone. This can be hired from Koenig and gives 116K connection to your laptop.
  5. Don’t bring a lot of clothes. Things are so cheap here that you can and will refit your wardrobe.
  6. If you are planning to travel around India, do it before your course. Because after 8 weeks of intensive training and exams, most likely you wont want to do anything besides get back home.


  1. Connaught Place otherwise known as CP is in the center of Delhi. It has lots of coffee bars, restaurants and designer shops. It is basically a tourist trap and the prices are accordingly high.
  2. Karol Bagh, just up the road from East Patel Nager (the area where you most likely be staying), is where the local’s shop. Practically everything that you can by in CP you can buy here, but at a reasonable price.
  3. Pahar Ganj is a traveler’s hangout and in its long bazaar you can find anything. Absolutely perfect for souvenirs, etc.
Restaurants & Bars

Over 80% of India’s population is vegetarian. The culture is not geared up for the proper care and proper storage of meat. To reduce the chance of any major stomach problems, it is recommended that you avoid the meat while in India. Also avoid anything from roadside stalls.

Delhi has “Dry Days”, when alcohol can not be purchased. Please check before planning a session to avoid disappointment.
  1. The Barrista Coffee Bar: This has become a heaven to all Koenig Students. Great Coffee and a good place to mingle with the locals. The staff are very friendly, speak to Kavita if you need anything.
  2. The Clay Oven Restaurant: Excellent food and well stocked Bar. What more could you ask for.
  3. The Metal Bar: Probably the best Indian food I tasted in East Patel Nagar. They are awaiting their bar license, and so cant serve beer. This should be sorted out in the next month or so.
  4. Colors Bar in the Siddharth hotel. Cocktails, International Beer, etc. Expensive by Indian standards. Don’t run a tab, because they will try to rip you off. You have been warned.
  5. Macdonald in Rajendra Palace, just behind the Siddharth hotel. Also in Karol Bagh.
  6. Pizza Hut in Karol Bagh.
  7. TGI Friday in Priya, South Delhi. Just ask the driver to take you to the PVR, Priya.

Night Clubs

  1. The Fashion Bar in South Delhi.
  2. My Kind of Place in the Taj Palace hotel
  3. The Hash# Bar near TGI Friday.
  4. Dublin in the Sheraton Hotel.
There is lots more I could tell you, but I don’t want to ruin your own voyage of discovery. But if you need any further information, please ask for my email from koenig.

Hope you have a successful certification trip to India. With Koenig’s help I am certain you will.

Tim Misra