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This was my first visit to Koenig and to India. My colleagues have been here before and they suggested looking up for Koenig Solutions...

Pritesh Chandra (Fiji), MCPD Web Developer 4 27 Apr to 17 May 2012

This was my first visit to Koenig and to India. My colleagues have been here before and they suggested looking up for Koenig Solutions. I got in touch with Koenig (http://www.koenig-solutions.com) via their website and I got replies without delay. I decided to take up training on MCPD Web Developer 4.

I must have sent close to 6 to 9 email to the Koenig Sales Representative and I got response from them all with answers to my question. I also did some background check to ensure that I will be well taken care of when I visit India. After some final few emails, Koenig prepared a well laid plan for my trip. My employer, University of the South Pacific (http://www.usp.ac.fj) in Fiji (http://www.fijime.com) arranged for my trip to Delhi.

From the moment I arrived to India, I have been impressed with the way things were coordinated. At arrival, there was someone waiting for me for my pick up. We were taken to our Koenig Inn accommodation and the staffs were very friendly and caring.

On my first day after a quick registration by Ms Hema Sharma, I was introduced to my Trainer. For the next 3 weeks, he was tasked to educate and upgrade my skills on .NET Framework 4. I had a very productive time with him as I found him to be very informative, helpful, easy to understand with his explanation and very smart also. I would definitely suggest him to anyone planning to do training on MCPD.

In the centre, MN1, Ms Ankita was very nice and helped me out with my minor requests. She arranged for my tour to Agra to see the Taj Mahal (An opportunity not to be missed) and around Delhi. She also helped in getting my US currency converted to Rupees with very good rates.

At Koenig Inn, Mr Imran made sure I was always well cared for. He suggested place where I could visit and when I needed anything, he would get his staff to get it on my behalf. He is a good fellow.

I had 4 exams to give for my MCPD. And for that, Ms Harleen was the person who made everything possible. She organized my exam on the date and times I wanted. When I was not prepared for the exam, she allowed me some time to prepare and when I was ready, she re-scheduled my exam. (Yes, I passed them all)

Now I am back to home. It was a 24 hour journey to Fiji after almost a month away from work, home and my family. And to all at Koenig Solutions from the Management, Centre Managers, Trainers, Koenig Staff, and drivers, keep up the good work. You are doing an excellent job by welcoming foreigners.
And yes, I’ll be back in the future.

My suggestion to first timers to India: “Go with an open mind. You will see things that you wouldn’t find in your country, you will eat what’s not available in your country, and you will meet people staring at you that maybe considered rude in your country, but hey, you in a different country, different culture, different way of life.. Just embrace it, be kind, and be open. Make friends with other students, go out and have a ball (but don’t forget to study). You will live a better, stress-free, happy person life.”

And with that, I give my big Vinaka (Thank You)