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As you may have noticed, I come from a background of working (Selling, Consulting and Deploying Dynamics SL)...

Peter Ongaria (Uganda), MCTS: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Financials 21 Jan to 02 Feb 2013

As you may have noticed, I come from a background of working (Selling, Consulting and Deploying Dynamics SL). The key objective of coming into Koenig Solutions was to provide myself and the company with an opportunity to dedicate time in a learning environment to the process of migrating our business from dynamics SL to Dynamics AX, the first part of which was to ensure that the resources within the organization obtain the requisite certifications for the company to obtain a Dynamics AX competence. This has been achieved.

The benefits of being in the Knowledge Village at this time have been numerous:

  • Koenig-Solutions faculty will now provide a valuable resource for our Practice for peer review and we look forward to actualizing a collaboration arrangement whereby we can draw expert resources from Koenig for some of our implementation including migration from Dynamics SL as well as development work.
  • The location in Dubai and timing was such that I enjoyed a totally "Non-desert weather" and the rain shower of this morning might just be another confirmation of the climate change phenomenon.
  • The concentration of Learning or knowledge based institutions and organizations in the Dubai Knowledge village is quite inspiring and ensures that one's mind is opened to all possibilities and opportunities in our chosen area of endeavor - It solutions.
  • On top of Dynamics AX 2012, I am now a veteran of Jebel Ali to Rashidiya route on the very convenient Metro (just a step away from my comfy Al Yassat Gloria Apartments) - and literally have left dust in each and every mall along the line - lending credibility to the saying "Window shopping till you drop". Remember this was the time of the DSF with promotion, cash vouchers galore.....

One challenge though is Mutton Goat Meat and Lamb Sheep Meat?  Or is Indian Lamb Goat and Australian Lamb Sheep? This needs to be resolved before my next visit.

And yes, the picture does not say it all!!!

Best Regard