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Joining Koenig Solutions in New Dehli was a good decision...

Peter Meulen (Netherlands), RHCE 27 Aug to 11 Sep 2007

Joining Koenig Solutions in New Dehli was a good decision. Being far from home as i was, the trainers gave it all to make sure i got the training i needed to pass the 5.5 hour practical exam you will have to take to become an RHCE. They did challenge me and i learned about Red Hat Linux and experienced some of the Indian lifestyle as well! They will not give answers only, they make sure you understand what you're doing so that this knowledge sinks in and it's there to stay.

The people at Koenig made my stay in India easy, they took care of everything i needed and asked for. It seemed that no request was to much for them and it was arranged in no time at all!

Taking the RHCE Fast track with Koenig Solutions was a great experience. It's hard work and long hours, but in the end it is very rewarding. Being a Red Hat Certified Engineer will certainly open new doors for you.

Best regards,