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My name is Paul Kayode Tokun. I am Nigerian, born in Senegal...

Paul Tokun Kayode (Nigeria), Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer (Formerly SCJP) 05 Oct to 16 Oct 2009

My name is Paul Kayode Tokun. I am Nigerian, born in Senegal.

Ever since my teenage days, I have always been passionate about growing a career in IT. I decided to start a career in Java Programming and so I had to buy my first Java books. It really had its downs, studying alone with no guide, no instructor. I then decided to search a boot camp, and Koenig Solutions was the most interesting and appealing from all the results I got. The website is well informative and also gives a sense of quality delivery. Another thing to mention is that the price of each course is significantly less when compared to other foreign Learning centers in most countries.

It was really a good opportunity for me to have a feel of India and it was worth it! The reception was quality. The training centre has a conducive atmosphere to excel which makes learning interesting. My trainer had a quality delivery and each class was interactive.

Also my transfer to Shimla was worth it. One of the fulfillments in Shimla was to treat a tooth which needed a root canal treatment few days to my exams.

The whole India experience was a step forward and I am working towards returning for more Java training in no time.

It would be fair to say that the Koenig team is doing a great job which means a “Thumb s Up!” to them.