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I have successfully completed my 3 months Career Enabler™ .NET 4.0 Boot Camp Training with Koenig Solutions at their training centre in Dehradun, India...

Paul Pishhorn (United Kingdom), Career Enabler - .Net 4.0 23 Jan to 19 Apr 2012

I have successfully completed my 3 months Career Enabler™ .NET 4.0 Boot Camp Training with Koenig Solutions at their training centre in Dehradun, India. This marks the end of a reskilling journey that started for me some 3 years ago.

I have had around 20 years experience within IBM Mainframe and multi platform operating environments and have worked on projects in and around Europe, working as a Workload Automation Consultant and Operations Analyst.

Initially I found it difficult to grasp the concepts of .NET and the OOP world in general.

Unfortunately, initially I wasted a lot of time, effort and money with a very unsuitable training programme offered by a UK based training organisation but through self study and a variety of diverse training material persevered with my studies.

However my .NET Framework knowledge and C# programming skills were still rather basic and at best were probably no more than what you would expect from a ‘hobbyist’.

This is where Koenig Solutions thankfully comes into my story.

I needed to take stock of what I had learnt so far and to re-focus my efforts, so last year I travelled to Koenig Shimla to complete the C# Boot Camp Training. That was a fantastic experience and thanks to my excellent trainer. I had learnt more than I initially thought, but more importantly, I was able to learn a huge amount and cleared up many of the misunderstandings of concepts that I had regarding OOP and .NET in general.

Although I learnt so much from my 10 days in Shimla and I realised that I should make the next step in taking my knowledge and experience to a professional level but it will require a change of strategy, focus and intensity. So within 2 weeks of returning to the UK, again in last June, I booked the .NET 4.0 Boot Camp Career Enabler Training which I started in January this year.

In short the level of training, the knowledge and teaching abilities of the instructors is exceptional. Through patience, persistence and the creation of countless demo / test applications they managed to make the most difficult concepts of the .NET Framework easy to understand. I have learnt so much and have been able to retain a huge amount of information and material.

If you are reading this and are serious about reskilling or improving your existing skills and/or knowledge, then I have no hesitation in recommending Koenig to you. Of course you need to be prepared to work quite hard but the results will make it all worthwhile in the end.

Also, you should know that the support staff and the setup are excellent from the moment you arrive in India to the moment you leave. Koenig staff will take care of every step of the way and any issues that may crop up will be swiftly resolved.

Lastly, I have had a fantastic 3 months here in Dehradun, have met many new and interesting friends from all over the world and I can now look forward to a new and successful career as a .NET Developer.

Paul Pishhorn