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After arriving at the airport and going through customs and security there was somebody, recognizable by a Koenig sign, waiting for us...

Paul Loderus (Netherlands), Oracle10g  DBA  OCA & OCP 20 Oct to 04 Nov 2008

After arriving at the airport and going through customs and security there was somebody, recognizable by a Koenig sign, waiting for us. He took us to a car and brought us to a hotel in Delhi. The hotel is quite alright, but for us it was only passing thru. After just four hours of sleep, had to be ready again because a driver was waiting for us to bring us to the train station to begin our journey to Dehra Dun.

After dropping us off at the station, he waited with us at the station untill the train arrived. He helped us get in the train en showed us the seat numbers.

About six hours later we arrived at Dehra Dun, where again somebody was waiting for us to take us to the hotel. The traffic, as already mentioned in de documentation, takes some time getting used to. That's just the way it goed around here and I have to say, I've only seen one accident happen during my whole stay here in Dehra Dun, which is less than I could say about the traffic in the Netherlands.

We stayed at the hotel, Hotel Mahduban. The hotel is quite nice. The personel is helpfull and the rooms are what you can expect from a 4-star hotel here. We all had seperate rooms, all 2 persons rooms. Don't know if we were just lucky or that it's normal. The food at the hotel is ok. At breakfast you can choose quite some different kinds of food, varying from sort of cornflakes to typical Hindi food. The rooms are pretty good. You have a bathroom with a shower or a bathtub, and I've never had problems with not having hot water or something.

Also the room has a tv which has quite a lot of channels, including some English spoken ones. The bed might take some time getiing used to, because they're very hard, but I must say I slept well there!

The training facility is about 10-15 minutes from the hotel. Every day a koenig driver picks you up at 8.20am and takes you there. I came here for getting my OCA and OCP. Because it is quite a lot to do, my boss arranged 1-on-1 training for me. That was pretty good! I had 2.5 week to complete both of the courses and we managed to cover all the chapters during that time. At nights you will have to do studying as well, but that's already what I expected.

The centre looks nice. It looks clean and the computer equipment is sufficient for the course. You have internet access for your own laptop, which might be a bit slow in a while when a lot of people are using it, but checking e-mail and stuff worked fine! Every day at 1:00 pm it's lunchtime. It's quite good as well. During the morning your order is picked up. You can choose several things which includes Hindi food, but also pizza etc. I tried to avoid the pizza because that's already what we were eating a lot at night, but there was enough choice.

The city itself is quite nice, although for us it took a while getting used to. Especially again the traffic. The hotel is near the end of the town. That's why at first we only thought there was one supermarket, named Vishal. We didn't have much free time in the first week, so we didn't have time to find out more. When we had the time we discovered there's a whole market next to the Clock Tower. It's pretty nice to go there! We went on Diwali, so that's probably similar to doing shopping on christmas so it was very crowded, but there are a lot of shops there.

The food overall is pretty good. There are the standard places like Pizza Hut and McDonalds off course, although it might was a bit different compared to what I expected. A couple of nights we ate at the hotel restaurant, which is ok. For really good food you can also go to My wife's place and to The Black Pepper. The last one also serves alcoholic beverages. We didn't realy visit any bars except for the Black Pepper so I don't really have any comment on that.

When writing this, I've just finished my last exam, which, luckely for me, had a positive result. My overall experience here is quite good. It have been two rough weeks of studying, but what do you expect at a boot camp!