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I’m Patrick Oskamp. 23 years old, from the Netherlands...

Patrick Oskamp (Netherlands), MCSE 2003 05 Sep to 28 Sep 2007

I’m Patrick Oskamp. 23 years old, from the Netherlands.

I stayed at Koenig Solutions (Shimla) for 4 weeks (September), it was a nice stay. Never heard of Koenig before I came here, my company sent me here to do the MCSE Course. When I finished the course I had about 1 week left, so I also did the MCSE Security exam and the MCSA Messaging exam.

The learning was hard sometimes, some evenings I made long days and learned till like 2-3am. I’m glad I passed all the exams, so I’m going back to the Netherlands with a good feeling. Shimla is a nice place to stay, the weather was decent, not that hot like Delhi, also not that crowded.

The hotel I stayed in (Willow Banks), was a good hotel, a lot of the Koenig students are in that hotel. So when you finished learning you can meet up and share some stories/pictures/drinks/
other stuff. Meeting other students, from the same, or from other countries was nice. It was not all about learning, if possible, we made a lot of fun also!

The experience, from learning this way and the country was really impressive. I can recommend this to everyone who can do a course which Koenig offers. The people from Koenig are really nice, not only the teachers, but also the cab drivers and the other people around.

In overall, I had a good stay, didn’t got that ill as some other people did. The four weeks passed really fast, I feel like being here for like one week or so. I’ll look back at this with a good feeling.

Patrick Oskamp
The Netherlands