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My experience in Koenig has been a splendid and great one...

Osso Akan (Nigeria), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH);Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) V8;ECSA V8/LPT;CCNA Voice 27 Aug to 18 Sep 2009

My experience in Koenig has been a splendid and great one. At the very start, on my arrival, I was taken straight to the training centre. I was so tired, but started off because I knew what I was here for. I went through the CEH classes, and had the best hands-on I cud ever get from my instructor. Same went for the ECSA/LPT certification and the CHFI certification. These courses were really interesting but draining, in that, u should be prepared for the work at hand.

During this period of time, Koenig made life really easy for me and other students, easing us the stress of transportation and getting us the best places to lay our heads.. Feeding I would say, was an adventure but, one had to have those meals like that...bearing in mind that, studying could take out calories from you and you have to replenish it. Almost towards the end of my EC-COUNCIL training, I took the interest in studying another course (CCNA VOICE) which I wasn't really prepared for but my determination and passion for the course and also the help of my Cisco instructor took me up to my achievements.

My both Instructors are great people. Their concern is that you have that knowledge without a single doubt and they make sure you have the practices over and over so as to make out some perfection. I'm so glad acquiring all these certifications and I won't have had all of these if not for the best trainings Koenig had to offer.

Koenig has been a great place for the kind of study anyone is looking for in the IT world and I’ll encourage anyone, everyone interested to opt for the training and certification classes, and see for yourselves.
Osso Akan

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