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I am Omar Jamal Ali from Palestine; I am 22 years old, I have a bachelor degree in communications technology...

Omar Ali (Jordan), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) 25 Aug to 23 Sep 2009

I am Omar Jamal Ali from Palestine; I am 22 years old, I have a bachelor degree in communications technology. I started looking for those centers that provide me convenient ways and conditions to have a good and strong knowledge in Cisco certification - CCNP, and the result was KOENIG.

I initially contacted Koenig via email and respond was very fast and detailed. In addition, you can get what you are looking for from Koenig site about the Cisco certifications, which clearly detailed everything.

I studied CCNP course and was very intense as the workload is very high and nearly all my time was consumed with study and revision time. I chose regular track for this Cisco certification because I don’t have a real life experience and also I am a fresh graduate, so I can get the discussions time to increase my knowledge. I am happy with our group; really, I can say those people are my family.

My trainer was very knowledgeable to teach this Cisco certification. I liked his way of teaching. He took the time to explain every concept we were covering. Yes, there were times, I got very confused and lost but when he noticed, he used to draw an easy flow charts that anyone would understand, and make a real life examples that give me an excellent way to understand all the concepts. I'd recommend bringing an external hard drive to store all your labs, e-books and code in one location.

Life in Delhi was great the people are welcoming. The staff was very professional and helpful. They have an excellent manager who shows you her eagerness to help her students. The IT administrator was very helpful. I had computer problem several times and he took the time to fix it. The center was very clean and manageable.

Every morning we were given a bottle of water and a selection of menus from which to choose our lunch. At lunchtime, you eat in a separate dining room where you meet up with the other students.  It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, and we made some good friends whilst we were there. I lived at the apartment, It was sound the people are caring and they are always ready to serve you well. Moreover, you can go out side to get shopping, you can also ride Auto-rickshaw, which is amazing you can see the simple and happy people on the streets and markets.

Finally, It was a great experience for me to be here at Koenig I will return as soon as possible insh allah! I will be here and recommend my friends to come here for Cisco certifications. If you all want to study and enjoy life just come here for the Cisco certification - it's worth of money.