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What an enjoyable experience. Thanks to everyone at Koenig Solutions...

Oliver Crabtree (United Kingdom), MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010;RHCE 25 Apr to 25 May 2011

What an enjoyable experience. Thanks to everyone at Koenig Solutions.

I had reservations for traveling to India for training. I have been working in IT for last 15 years and with Messaging Technologies for last 10 years.

Would the Trainers/Training be any good? Would I be able to understand them? Would I get Delhi Belly? The website answers a lot of these questions but then don't them all.

Well my experience was excellent. I was picked up at the airport as promised and taken to Delhi for a one night stay over. They, at my request, set up with a tourist taxi for the afternoon for a whistle stop tour of Delhi.

The next morning they escorted me not only to the station but till my seat on the train.

The arrangements in Dehradun were just as good. The driver was waiting on the platform beside my carriage when I got off.

The accommodation was basic but very clean, i.e. desk, bed, private shower room. While staying in the Koenig Student Apartment all your meals are provided, and are of an excellent standard. The training centre was just as good, clean, well run and the staffs were always happy to help. Even when I was having problems using Skype to talk to my family in the apartment, the network admin went beyond to make sure it was fixed quickly.

I enrolled for 2 courses: MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010 course and RHCE 6.0 training.

Exchange 2010 Training

I paid for 1-on-1 Exchange 2010 course; my instructor was a qualified MS trainer and also had real world experience. He answered all my questions and discussed scenarios with me. When he didn't know the answer of any question, he used to research overnight and provided the information next day. I have been using Exchange for many years now and was pleased that I passed both the exams in the first attempt, thanks to my trainer.

RHCE 6.0 Course

I have been deploying and administering Postfix on Red Hat for a number of years but only from an application standpoint, never done any Sysadmin directly. My RHCE instructor was again highly recommended. He was based in Delhi but came to Dehradun to train me. It was a bit of a rocky start from my point, getting to grips with some of the concepts, but he kept reassuring me that we were on track and that it was his job to get me through the exam. Sure enough after 3 week's intensive training, I passed my exam in the first attempt. Again, credit goes to the quality of the trainer.

I have recommended Koenig to many of my friends, from start to finish it was a very professional set up that they delivered.

If I have any future training requirements I would happily go back to Koenig Solutions.