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My name is Olaf van Nimwegen, coming from the Netherlands...

Olaf Van Nimwegen (United Kingdom), MCSA 2003 01 Oct to 24 Oct 2007

My name is Olaf van Nimwegen, coming from the Netherlands.

My company sent me to India to do the MCSE course. I stayed at Koenig Solutions in Shimla for almost 4 weeks; it was a really nice stay.

If like me you have never been to India, you can expect a bit of a culture shock! The traffic in Delhi has to seen to be believed, it’s very chaotic and you take your life into your own hands when you cross the road, but somehow it works. The Indian food also is very spicy if you eat out at an Indian restaurant as the local people really like their spice - you have been warned!

The main worry I had about going to India, was would I be able to understand the trainer and secondly would I be able to pass my exams in my given period, the answer is yes. I did not know of any student at Koenig who had a problem with understanding their instructor every single member of staff at Koenig from the drivers to the MD have a very high level of English.

The course was sometimes hard, made some long nights in my hotel room and went for 7 days a week to the center, yes! On Sunday also. The people who work at the center are very kind. My trainer is also a very nice person; he was good in his understanding and knowledge for MCSE. He would take time to explain everything down to detail so I would understand.

The hotel I stayed in was a very nice hotel (Willow Banks) a few Koenig students also stayed in that hotel.

I would recommend Koenig to anyone, who would like to do similar training in Holland. I also cannot emphasize enough how helpful everyone was.