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My 25 days training experience is one of an eye opener that reaffirm to me that what is what doing is what doing well...

Ojudu Oluyemi (nigeria), MCITP: Database Developer 20 Oct to 12 Nov 2008

My 25 days training experience is one of an eye opener that reaffirm to me that what is what doing is what doing well. The surprise start from my first day In Koenig when I met my trainer, a young woman in her 20ths with a first degree and double Masters degree looking forward to getting a PHD someday. The first day in class was inundated with a lot of dozing and yawning due to the jetlag and fatigue. But the second day I woke up to the reality that I am in India to learn not to dose and yawn, then that is when I started noticing the ingenuity of the my young trainer. I will say candidly that the only and the first time I experience such a deep knowledge of a subject matter been communicated to another person was during my Masters degree in the United States, the Koenig experience is the second. The understanding of the subject matter is not limited to my trainer alone, my other colleagues also gave the same comment. So the overall ingenuity and smartness of the entire staff in Koenig New Delhi is awesome.

The second factor that caught my attention was the universal collection of students at Koenig , it is like the convergence of the world professional meeting up at a place to increase their knowledge. Infact there are some countries I did not know existed until I got to Koenig, Countries like Celsius Island with population of about 80,000 people, Indian Ocean with a population of 300,000 and so many other countries. Without gainsaying Koenig was like the world meeting point because almost all the continent of the world were present.
I will not want to end this short anecdote without mentioning Koenig hospitality, the lunch time reminds me of the high school café where all students meet to eat and get to know each other. The menu list ranges from Indian, continental, Chinese, Hakka, Subway, McDonalds and the rest. I did well with ordering what to eat from the first day due to my experience with Chinese food in the USA and with some help from my instructor. But some of my colleagues really took a week to grab the meaning of the food and what to order. With this I will suggest that Koenig give an Induction course on the name of the food and what to expect. One of my friends wanted to order French fry, he ended up with Frito lays.

In a nutshell, I will say Koenig is the way to go.