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My coming to Koenig Solutions in India was mind blowing and highly rewarding...

Odofin Babatunde Emmanuel (Nigeria), MCTS: MS Office SharePoint Server 2007-Application Development 21 Dec to 28 Dec 2009

My coming to Koenig Solutions in India was mind blowing and highly rewarding. It has always been my passionate dream to have one of my major IT core trainings in India. And December 2009 gave reality to that dream. I was in India for training on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. The materials for the training were detailed and very informative. The Lab sections were eye opener. And the classes were highly impactful.

My Instructor made my learning in Koenig a very rewarding experience. His delivery mechanism was exceptional. I was hypnotized by his depth of knowledge on the very course. His teaching approach, examples and methodology are simple and highly practical. For the first time after so many trainings, someone was actually impacting me – that was my trainer. I must say without mincing words that he  was the best for the course. He was an instructor and a friend to all the students. I enjoyed every bit of the training.

Talking of Koenig Solutions, they represent what their vision truly is. Koenig is going to be #1 Offshore IT Training Centre in a long time to come. Why? The Vision is clear. The school is so organized. They have a team of trainers that are best in their fields. The centre is highly conducive for learning; and networking for IT Professionals. The labs are well equipped and training materials highly instructional and self explanatory. Koenig is simply the best IT Learning Place. I love Koenig!

The Hospitality in Koenig cannot be over emphasized. From the drivers to the cooks in Koenig apartment, it was more like people were just too dedicated to one’s comfort. The drivers were friendly and always on time. The cooks know their jobs and food was always on time. They were always willing to assist where necessary. They particularly made my stay in the Koenig Apartment very comfortable.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone for their willingness to help at all time and for making my stay in Delhi a classic and unforgettable one. I will recommend Koenig Solutions boot camp to all my friends and business associates. India as a country is doing well and things are getting better. Though, I couldn’t really move around that much due to the tight schedule. But with my little experience, India is rich in culture, food and most importantly IT Knowledge. Koenig Solutions Pvt Limited is a place to get your IT Skills and pass all your certifications.