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My expectations were all fully met beyond even my imagination. Thanks to my trainers JAI and Dharmesh for your time and your love...

Nzamutuma Ismael (Rwanda), Java EE 6 Developer (OCE-WCD, JSF 2, OCE-EJB, OCE-JPA & OCE-JWS) 25 Nov to 01 Jan 2009

My name is Ishmael Nzamutuma, from Rwanda, a country of thousand hills. When it comes to giving a feedback about Koenig Solutions services, one could not have words to do so. I have completed the SCJP. SCWCD, SCBCD & SCDJWS in Regular Track for the period from 25th Nov to 1st Jan 09

As per my experience, when I first learned that I’ll have to go to India for java training, I was so much excited because I knew India is technologically an advanced country. My expectations were so high.

I went on visiting the Koenig website and read testimonies of many people who have been there before. All the people were talking about their experiences there during the training period and every body were satisfied.

I thought, may be it was flatteries and I was so anxious to experience it myself.

Upon starting the training, I was so amazed by the treatment the trainers offer to the trainees. He would not advance before he insured you have understood the previous lessons. It is really a professional profession.

My expectations were all fully met beyond even my imagination. Thanks to my trainers JAI and Dharmesh for your time and your love.

Our first two modules were conducted by trainer , who was so good to us. He is a guy of quality and experience. Apart from being a trainer, he was very friendly to us and treated us as his own kids. We discovered Java 6 and Web component development. Thanks to the chapter of listeners and filters. After Dharmesh has gone, I thought maybe the next trainer will be different. I waited to see.

It was Jai’s tour now. When he came in, it was more than what we were thinking. At that time, I realized that Koenig is industry oriented rather than just being a training center. His examples were real problem solutions oriented. Thanks Jai for sharing your experience with us. His words of wisdom and technological advices will never be out of my memories.

He is worthy of a father. He cared for us and he used to make sure we understand the new technology trends. He will always be remembered for the enterprise beans, persistence and JPQL. I will never forget XML Schema, SOAP and JAXR, JAXB and web services in general. His experience has helped me to understand how our systems which are disseminated can be integrated together using web services technology. What was a mystery for me has become a good reality through Jai.

At Koenig, you feel like at home. My thanks to the administrative team which is handled by Maria for their guidance and advice, And all the Support & help provided in making us feel comfortable.