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I had MCSE training with Koenig in December 2006...

Nilesh Patel (United Kingdom), MCSE 2003 04 Dec to 27 Dec 2006

I had MCSE training with Koenig in December 2006… So I knew I would be in safe hands and what I was in for…

I had set my mind on gaining my MCDBA 2003 and CCNA and like always the budget was a factor on where I did my training. However for me it was a simple choice as I enjoyed Koenig so much last year that I decided to sign up (again). This time I wanted to visit Shimla however due to time constraints I decided to endure Delhi once more.

From the very first day I was looked after, I was picked up from the airport by Imran one of the morning cab drivers and handed a welcome pack with RS 1000 and from what I noticed a updated welcome pack which included a map of Delhi and a good basic student guide.On the first day at the Koenig training centre I was introduced to new members of staff and to the various trainers and since, I was on a one to one course my personal lab for the duration of my course.

It was also good to some familiar faces there who remembered me from nearly a year ago. It shows that Koenig do not only make it a business ensure you have the best chance of being certified they make it personal too!

The training was carried out very professionally and the trainers would make every effort to tailor the training to your needs. I must admit if you don't get something then say there and then otherwise you will be left behind as the trainers get deeper and deeper into the topics.

I stayed in a budget hotel (Rangoli Park) as I knew this would be sufficient for my needs, although there were some students who liked there creature comforts and decided to upgrade or move into apartments. For me the budget hotel served good purpose the lack of luxuries reminded me that I was there to study. All I needed was a bed, TV, shower and general clean environment.

Opting for the Budget hotel is not a bad thing since this is the popular option for most students. This means that you're likely to meet other student who have done the exam or course your doing and can offer you tips and advice. Also it gives you a change to go for meals and socialise a little.

I know this sounds crazy to most of you since I have only just got back… but I plan to go back next year…. I heard from other students that Dehradun is a nice place to go… and it's quite. I would like to thanks all at Koenig solutions for the supoort they showed me during my visit. Special thanks go to my trainers.

Good luck to all those who take up the challenge to get certified.