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My Koenig experience was a great one from the initial communication to the dropping me at the airport was well organized...

Nicholas Eworh (United Kingdom), MCSE 2003;Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) 01 Oct to 29 Oct 2007

My Koenig experience was a great one from the initial communication to the dropping me at the airport was well organized.

I made up my mind about going to a boot camp and I went straight to Google to find a good boot camp, having been in IT for a while I now deemed it fit to get the certifications and the moment I typed boot camp in Google Koenig solutions came up and I emailed Koenig and in less than two hours I got a response with the quotes and by the third day I was ready to go to the embassy to get me travel visa, the whole communication process was well organized and every necessary assistance was given to get my visa sorted.

I arrived in Delhi at around 5.45am and there was somebody from the school waiting for me at the arrival point which was so well organized because it was my first time traveling to that part of the world and I was really happy to see the rep waiting for me at that time of the day. The next day I was quite happy about the way at which the admin officer organized the registration and how quick classes started, the teacher was already in class waiting to start the lecture, everything was in place so quickly, the class environment was well outlined, the teacher was so patient in explaining what ever I found difficulties in all through.

Delhi and its people are very nice and gently people but for their driving, which is like the formula one driving experience, the roads are so crazy but the Koenig drivers did their best to make us feel at home with gentle driving compared to the other road users. The food was a problem for the first day till I asked the Koenig staff to explain to me what the different food were and after that I got used to the food. In all I will want to come back to Koenig to continue with all my certifications and recommend them to all my friends because it was a great experience in Delhi, Koenig has the expertise to take you to the height of your career trust me because you have people from all over the world to do their IT training, so trust me Koenig is the right choice for boot camping.