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My name is Naseer Ahmad from Afghanistan and I am working with a Norwegian NGO in Afghanistan...

Naseer Ahmad Mohamad (Afghanistan), MCSE 2003 06 Oct to 21 Oct 2008

My name is Naseer Ahmad from Afghanistan and I am working with a Norwegian NGO in Afghanistan.

When I made the decision to study MCSA 2003, I knew I wanted to do get my training in India. I did a lot of searching on the Internet. Koenig Solutions was recommended to me by my friends. I read about Koenig Solutions on the Internet, and I was very impressed with their website. I contacted them to get information for MCSA 2003 training.

Once I arrived in Goa, I was met by one of the drivers who took me to my hotel. He handed me an envelope containing a welcome note, transport times and some Rupees. I stayed at the Delmon Hotel, which is a budget hotel. My stay there was very enjoyable; the rooms are air conditioned, with on suite bathrooms and very clean. The staff was all extremely polite and courteous.

I met with person who is the center manager. She was very helpful during my registration process and she took me to class and introduced me to my teacher. He has a lot of knowledge about MCSA 2003 and I learn a lot from him. He also teaches me some words in Hindi. Koenig has many other helpful staff that made my stay very comfortable.

The daily trips from the hotel to the training centre and back are very well organized, as is everything else to do with Koenig. Throughout the 3 weeks I found all of the staff to be very helpful and accommodating, even with matters that did not directly concern them, which is appreciated. My instructor's English was excellent and I had no problems trying to understand. She would use the white board to explain different scenarios which helped me to understand the topics to a greater depth of knowledge.

The fast track courses are very intense, so be prepared to be busy both during the day and in the evenings. If you want to see the sights of India, it is worth either arriving early or staying for a few days once the course has finished.

All in all, I have had a wonderful time in Goa. I have always felt safe and secure with no concerns or worries. Koenig definitely look after their students and I would have no hesitation in recommending their training to anyone else.