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I am Muthu, leading .Net and SharePoint team at Cameron, India...

Muthu Kumaran (India), 10175: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development 26 Sep to 01 Oct 2010

I am Muthu, leading .Net and SharePoint team at Cameron, India. When we planned to take SharePoint 2010 training, we searched on net, enquired friends and other sources. At last, we concluded Koenig Solutions is the best fit for our requirements and a group of 3 people proceeded with bookings. Koenig’s package includes accommodation, food, local transport with airport pick-up and drop. The student need not worry about anything, pay the fee through wire-transfer, book flight ticket and fly. Koenig Labs are well equipped and instructors are well experienced. The institute is neat and clean.

Ms. Maria Fernandes, the Centre Manager of Goa Centre is very kind and friendly. Though we arrived on Saturday night, she called us and made sure everything was OK. She was flexible with change of our plans and accepted our requirements with smiling face. She did not fail to suggest us the better ways. She also guided us to see places in and around Goa, arranged cabs and made sure everything was OK.

Our trainer is a well experienced instructor. He explained each and every part of SharePoint 2010 Application Development in slow and steady pace. His simple way of teaching with code examples and real-time scenarios helped us to easily understand. Through him, we got to know the power and new features of SharePoint 2010. His approach towards students made us to feel comfortable and we didn’t hesitate to stop him to ask questions. He answered all our questions in detail with examples. His deep knowledge in .Net paved way to understand easy, efficient and better way of coding using latest .Net version. I would recommend him as a good instructor for .Net and SharePoint courses.

Overall, we all satisfied, impressed with their logistics, labs and instructor. We did not face any trouble at any point. I am sending remainder of my team members to Koenig Solutions for same SharePoint course as I feel this is one of the best institute and worth for the money and time we spend.