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Koenig provides stress free environment and everything that you need so that you can only focus on your studies...

Mukhtar Ahmad (Afghanistan), MCPD SharePoint Developer 2010 23 Dec to 06 Jan 2014

I joined Koenig Solutions Delhi to get MCPD SharePoint Developer 2010 course.

This is my second time. I had been to Koenig for the first time for OCP 11g course back in 2010 and I was having the same image in mind that it will be the same with a little bit of changes.

I am surprised to see the big difference this time. Everything has changed and has become so much better from accommodation, meals to the quality of the training. It is completely stress free environment and you're provided with everything that you need so that you can only focus on your studies.

My trainer not only completed the Microsoft curriculum on time but also helped me with queries which were out of scope of the training and which were valuable to me in the production environment.

I strongly recommend Koenig to anyone looking to acquire a complete skill by getting intense training in a short time and at the same time get a tour of the amazing India.

I will come back again for my future training needs because it keeps getting better. :)