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My Name is Morato Custodio; I work for Coca-Cola Bottling Luanda in Angola...

Morato Custodio (Angola), MCSE 2003;Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 10 Nov to 13 Dec 2008

My Name is Morato Custodio; I work for Coca-Cola Bottling Luanda in Angola. When I discovered Koenig Solutions, the first thing I thought was, “Why people travel to Asia for a course”, only now after My MCSE and CCNA course, I know why people from every part of the world, come here for a course. Koenig is not about the exam, certification or any paper you got after course; Koenig is all about training and Knowledge. I want to let you know about my experience at Koenig Solutions. Everything starts on my first contact via e-mail, the response was immediate with all information I required from them. Since I arrived in the airport (India), they took care of everything for me, Transportation, accommodation, meals and mobile phone. I didn’t have to worry about anything but study. I’m very impressed with their organization, precision and commitment with all aspects regarding us (Students). In my first day at class I thought it was hard to get MCSE and CCNA, in less than 6 months but all teachers I had, became my entire learning easy and pleasant, the training was clear, practical and objective. Now thanks them all I’m Trained, certificated and ready to do my best for my company. Thanks to Koenig, I know Taj Mahal and met a lot of new friends and this is priceless, I want to thank you all, drivers, trainers, front desk, exam administrator and management staff.

I can assure that Koenig is the best center for any IT Training.

I cannot wait to come here again. It was everything 100%