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My name is Mohammed Elmellas, I am 21 years of age and was born in England...

Mohammed Elmellas (United kingdom), MCSE 2003 01 Nov to 23 Nov 2010

My name is Mohammed Elmellas, I am 21 years of age and was born in England. However, my parents originate from Morocco. I was new to the IT industry and decided to enhance my knowledge from my achieved National Diploma for I. practitioners by deciding to take the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Software Engineer) course and what better way to do this than by doing the MCSE course in India New Delhi. Koenig Solutions was recommended to me by my brother and I stand by his recommendation of a top quality educational institute.

I have found this a valuable experience socially as well as educationally. After talking to my brother I looked into Koenig Solutions myself and found the site very easy to use as well as direct in providing the information I required. In comparison to other sites Koenig-Solutions was by far the best as it shows you in detail exactly what the company and course has to offer.

Once I had chosen the MCSE course I was opting for I contacted Koenig and found the communication very responsive as well as informative. As the site stated how the pickup and drop off system would work (from the airport) I simply sent off my flight details and everything was dealt with by Koenig Solutions. They also provided me with 1000 Rupees to tie me over until I could come to the institute and exchange my currency (GBP). This is especially useful in a country which I was visiting for the first time and in which I had a clear language barrier. I was also impressed to learn that the caretakers within Koenig Student Apartment also spoke Basic English which helped with my general enquiries i.e. purchasing toiletries.

I was not only picked up when I arrived and when I left but I was also picked up every day for my classes and dropped off afterwards to my Student apartment. On most occasions this was a very prompt service considering the rush hour and busy environment of the capital in Delhi this is impressive.

Studying in the UK is also an enjoyment however how many students can say they are friends with their instructors through social networking sites like Facebook? The instructor at Koenig Solutions took me in as one of his close friends within a week of me being there, this is a bond which most teaching facilities could not offer especially in the UK. This will also help me in the future as I can query certain aspects of my work once I arrived back in the UK.

When I chose my MCSE course I chose fast track as I had responsibilities in the UK and the instructor was quick to advise me on how to prepare for my MCSE exams and the risks involved considering the MCSE course would be a lot faster due to learning being so intense. However, under these circumstances I still managed to pass the majority of my MCSE exams and to enjoy the scenery in New Delhi.

Concluding this review I would definitely recommend this experience at Koenig solutions to friends and relatives. However, I would advise them to ensure that they take regular courses rather than fast-track courses to ease their learning experience as well as fulfil the requirements of their course. The environment within the capital however is for the more lively personalities as it is very busy, noisy and highly populated. This is ideal for my age group and gave me a great deal of enjoyment especially on my days off.