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My name is Mohammed Al-Yosef, and I am an EAI developer working for Mobily Telecommunications back home in Saudi Arabia...

Mohammed Al-Yosef (Saudi Arabia), Fusion Middleware 11g: Build ADF Faces Clients for EJB and JPA 06 Apr to 09 Apr 2009

My name is Mohammed Al-Yosef, and I am an EAI developer working for Mobily Telecommunications back home in Saudi Arabia. Most of my colleagues go to training in Europe as the company pays for the expenses but I chose to come to Koenig as I heard about the center from a friend. I decided to do a super fast one-on-one training track in “Using Java EE 5, EJB 3.0, Java Persistence API (JPA)”. The course is supposed to be an introductory level to JEE 5 Business Component development.

I had my doubts about coming here to India at first but was surprised how friendly and helpful everyone was whether the customs and security officials at the airport or the pick up and Hotel.

The arrangement done by Koenig was perfect from the pickup to a really nice hotel. Also daily transportation from the Hotel and the Delhi training center was smooth. The staff at the training center was most helpful and the training center and labs were really great.

I was skeptical about the knowledge I would acquire in just four days in a technology that I had no knowledge about and a one considered as the back bone of Java EE technology. When the course started, I must say that I was lucky to have my instructor who had great knowledge about the material and had great communication skills.

I was really amazed on how much I was learning in a very short time and as the instructor saw how fast we were going, without me asking, he took the effort to explain all the material needed for SCBCD which is offered as a separate longer course at the center. In only four days, I was able to learn a technology that would otherwise take me few months to learn and also used real life examples in the lab.

I learned so much here that I am planning on getting the SCBCD certification soon and it wasn’t for flight arrangements, I would’ve done it here.

I am really grateful to my instructor and Koenig for making knowledge the first priority where anywhere else, they would simply cover the only required material. This is the first time that I take a training course and get a lot more than I expected. In fact I got more than what I thought I could comprehend in such a short time. I truly hope to take all my future courses at this center.

If you are considering Koenig, look no further, simply book a course and enjoy the journey.