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My name is Mohammed Al Arrouqi, I work in Qatar First Investment Bank...

Mohammed Al Arrouqi (Qatar), 10174: MCTS Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring 04 Apr to 09 Apr 2011

My name is Mohammed Al Arrouqi, I work in Qatar First Investment Bank. As a fresher I have involved myself in all the departments of the IT (Infrastructure and Application & Development department).

After my organization implemented SharePoint, I noticed that my interests are moving towards SharePoint so, I started to learn the functionalities of the application and for me to get in there deeply, I found that Koenig Solutions would be a helpful bridge to get me in that career and to meet my expectations regarding my future. So I decided to drop by the Koenig training centre to learn about how to develop in SharePoint and I actually applied for the course MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development.

My experience at Koenig Solutions in Delhi was a perfect experience for me specially when I found that the instructor is very confident with the course and got good information delivery skills that full of professionalism and the studying environment was very helpful especially when I found that it's a 1-on-1 course.

When I came to Koenig Solutions training centre, I thought that it's going to be just like any other training centre but actually they worked as a family, they were very helpful for studying issues and non-studying issues, for example, arranging issues regarding taxi pickups from anywhere to everywhere in Delhi and they actually advised me where to go out and what popular places to visit.

Finally, I would love to give a special thanks to the trainer for delivering the course very smoothly and nicely, and also the hospitality in-charge for making my life easy in Delhi and last but not least the Management staff, that was very friendly and helpful.

Mohammed Al Arrouqi
Qatar First Investment Bank