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My name is Mohammad Naser Dostdar and I am an application developer as well as doing my bachelors degree in Afghanistan...

Mohammad Naser Dostdar (Afghanistan), MCTS Web Application Development with Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 11 Oct to 23 Oct 2012


My name is Mohammad Naser Dostdar and I am an application developer as well as doing my bachelors degree in Afghanistan.

I've been searching along time for a reliable source to have training with and I found Koenig-Solutions the better one. I experienced a well organized environment at Koenig-Solutions. Everything was organized from the day I booked the course to the End. Upon arriving in GOA, from Afghanistan, I received a pack from Koenig which had a map and some other information. I've picked up from the Airport to Koenig Students Apartment in a very nice and clear place.

Koenig Solutions offers boot camps for different IT courses and certifications. You can choose among 3 different tracks: Regular, Fast and Super Fast. Since I had 15 days to spend on training, I decided to do it at Koenig Solutions, GOA. Not only because it is cheaper compared to any other place, but also the course contents look very good as well the fact that it is a Boot Camp. The training centers are clean and in great locations! The classrooms were small and personal (I was the only one in class), which I had personally found to be the best scenario for my learning environment.

The MCTS: Windows Application Development with .NET 4.0 instructors/staff are very friendly with a vast array of knowledge! GOA is a beautiful State of India with plenty of nice beaches. It's important to stay focus on your overall educational goal and you should not have any problems completing whatever educational goal you have set after.

I would definitely advise anyone who is interested in continuing their education, in the IT field, to try in Koenig Solutions! I will definitely return for my further education. And just in case anyone is curious about my percentage, I had scored 72% on my first exam!

Mohammad Naser Dostdar
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Improvement Programme (WSIP)
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