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Hi My name is Mohammad Aljuraish and I am from Saudi Arabia...

Mohammad Al Juraish (Saudi Arabia), Oracle10g  DBA  OCA & OCP 20 Aug to 09 Sep 2007


My name is Mohammad Aljuraish and I am from Saudi Arabia. I came to Goa, Koenig Solutions on August which is the middle of the moon soon season. I came here to do my OCA and OCP. I decided to come to India and especially to Koenig because my friend took a boot camp with Koenig on 2003 and he did not stop talking about the great experience he had when he was here, and what amount of information you can gain. Therefore, I decided to go and try and honestly I was amazed of how friendly the people are here and how knowledgeable are the teachers. I also wanted to go to one of the best places that are known of its beaches and culture. Goa is a great place to visit but I think if you want to come then come during the nice season which is between October and January to enjoy the nice sun and gain the knowledge. In addition, I was worried of how India would be comparing to other countries but I am amazed of helpful the faculty of Koenig. I mean they help you with anything you can think of to make your staying in India the best.

On the other, I don’t want to miss the important part of me coming here which is to gain the knowledge and get the certification. The teachers in Koenig have a lot of experience and they are very friendly. They will do anything to make sure you know what you are doing even if they have to stay late at night or come on the weekend. The labs also are facilitated with all the necessary technology that you need to accomplish your tasks. In addition, when you come here, you’ll know about many other certifications and IT areas that the teachers will be willing to explain which one is good and can help you in your field. Also, the faculty here is more than helpful. They will plan all travel arrangements if you have extra days to spend in India, and will make sure your journey very comfortable and enjoyable.

Last but not least, I think the best thing I made here is a good group of friends from all parts of the world, who I think we will be keeping in touch together for a long time. Finally, my experience was not just educational but also I got taste of the different cultures in the world.