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Before I decide to go to Koenig I made a lot of research in Google, the low price was one of the main factor for me to choose Koenig...

Mohamed Ahmmed Youssouf (United Kingdom), MCTS: SQL Server 2005;Oracle10g  DBA  OCA & OCP 08 Jul to 11 Aug 2008

Before I decide to go to Koenig I made a lot of research in Google, the low price was one of the main factor for me to choose Koenig. So after two-three emails and questions, which got answered very quickly and thoroughly, I finally decided to take the plunge and booked my course and flights out to Dehradun.

Once arrived in Delhi, everything went very smoothly and as expected although I had to wait an hour and half the Koenig employee because late arrival of my flight. Then a Koenig employee joined me at the airport reception lobby and took me to the train station by car. I also received an envelope containing a 1000 rupees, as well as a document with very useful practical information like contact persons and phone numbers. And after 3 hours, I took the train to Dehradun for a 6 hours exhausting journey, but the view was great.

As soon as I put my feet in Deharadun I was amazed with the hospitality and friendliness that I became exposed to, I guarantee you that there are no nicer people in the world. The staff both at the training centre and the farm are wonderful. They will help you with everything. You can really rely on them. Besides of there good work, they are also very nice to just talk to. Everybody is smiling all the time and it seems that they really enjoy what they’re doing. They will make your stay as comfortable as can be.

The daily trip from the Farm house to the training centre and back is very well organised. The contact with the other students was very important to me, as you really do feel completely deracinated in an environment like this.

For my first course, I preferred to go for the one to one training track; my trainer, was very good, very knowledgeable and very patient with me. She helped me a lot preparing the exams and we had some interesting extra conversations on the Indian culture and compare to my country of origin, Djibouti. Then I attended Oracle 10g & Performance Tunning course which was fantastic. The trainer was very skilled & helped me a lot to complete this without any trouble.

I would strongly recommend Koenig and Dehradun in particular, to anybody who wants to get certified. There is no doubt that you have to go with the right mental attitude to work very hard during your stay and don’t expect that your certifications are going to be handed to you (I wished!!!). You have to be willing to put in the effort but the results are well worth it.