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I came to know about Koenig Solutions by mere coincidence or should I say a stroke of luck!...

Modou N Jie (gambia), MCITP: Database Administrator 02 Jul to 14 Jul 2007

I came to know about Koenig Solutions by mere coincidence or should I say a stroke of luck!.

I had already planned on doing my training with another school in India and was on the verge of sending them my initial down payment when suddenly my supervisor came across the Koenig brochure and gave it to me.

I compared the fees for the course I wanted to pursue (i.e MCITP: SQL Server 2005 Database Administrator) and became suspicious because the Koenig fees were almost half the cost compared to this other school.

I thought it was too good to be true until I started exchanging e-mails with the sales. The people was extra-ordinarily professional in all aspects and was very swift in her e-mail responses. I browsed through the Koenig website and read the different testimonials. I also spoke to sales poeple over the phone and after all my skeptisism I became convinced that Koenig was the right place for me. Their fees were unbeatable!

Upon my arrival I was easily spotted from the airport by the Koenig driver and was driven to my hotel; during this time I started getting a glimpse of what New Delhi looked and feeled like.

It was quite an experience. However the most breath taking experience was with the traffic!!!. I could not believe it. I come from a very small country called The Gambia with a population that is less than 2 million!  I said my prayers and I was happy to have arrived safe and sound in my hotel. The Koenig drivers are professionals, despite the heavy and crazy traffic you are assured to be taken to your destination in one piece!

My course started without a hitch, I registered with a charming lady and she was ever helpful and professional with her work. There is another guy who was also remarkably helpful and friendly; all the Koenig staff are extra ordinarily friendly and helpful. You really get a feeling of ROYAL TREATMENT! The another staff who was also very professional and helpful.

My instructor was man almost 10years my junior but you wouldn't be able to tell he is that sound because he was very professional with his approach to lectures. Not everyone who has knowledge has the ability to teach it and pass it on; I would say that my lecturer had the gift of passing on knowledge to his students regardless of their initial level of understanding. He was very patient with me and we quickly became friends. There were times where I use to get worried due to the volume of work to be covered because I was on the MCITP fast track programme and really didn't have a strong foundation in SQL Server 2005 prior to attending the training. I was provided with all the required tools to help me pass my exams but most importantly I was equipped with an invaulable wealth of knowledge on my chosen field of study. Attending Koenig is not only about passing exams but most importantly about becoming the best in your field or as they say the GURU! in your field of expertise. I passed both the MCTS and MCITP exams and was over the moon! Many thanks to my lecturer as well as all other staff who contributed towards my success. The classes were small in size and the labs were very adequate. I have never met so many different people from so many different parts of the world in one place! This was a unique and touching experience for me! I made a lot of friends and I do hope to keep up the friendship for decades to come.

Our trip to Agra to the Taj Mahal was another moving experience. We saw the real India and learnt about it's rich history as well as it's current struggles to become a developed country. The potential is certainly there and I have no doubt that in the next five to ten years things would have changed dramatically.

To sum it up I would like to recommend Koenig Solutions to anyone wishing to acquire knowledge, get certified and also have a an enjoyable holiday. Getting certified is not kids play and I recommend potential students or the regular trackers to prepare themselves with their chosen courses of study prior to coming to Koenig. I had many sleepless nights of studies and it  feels good when the hard work pays off in the end. I'm happy I didn't let my company down and I'm sure they will be more willing to send more of our staff to Koenig. I do hope to return in the future to take on more certifications. I would love to see India again! Dhanyavad!!, Shukriya! (Thank you in Hindi...yes I learnt some Hindi as well!!)."