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The idea to go for Koenig Solutions was because some people around me heard about an IT training boot camp in India…

Mikael Genaudeau (France), MCITP: Enterprise Administrator – Windows Server 2008 20 Jun to 09 Jul 2011

The idea to go for Koenig Solutions was because some people around me heard about an IT training boot camp in India. A search on Google, quickly gave me the link of Koenig Solutions. Even with the time difference between France and India, the answer by e-mail from the Customer Care Representatives were quick and well followed, information given by them were precise and relevant. The choice to go for Koenig Solutions was mainly because of the price, but also because the feedbacks given by previous students were good. 

I really enjoyed the stay in Koenig Solutions, Goa for several reasons: the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator-Windows Server 2008 training was well done even if Fast Track was…Fast; the trainer was really focused on his course, concepts, understandings and labs; key points to succeed and the rest of the details were personal homework at the hotel. Also the staff was really good; they all give to your stay a chance to succeed. That was a pleasure to come every day to be here in Koenig Solutions, learning IT and is with people from different culture. First, the staff that takes time to explain what is India and who are Indians, about their culture, their history… also with other student who can come all over the world. I had good relationship with all of them: Angola, Australia, Madagascar, Seychelles, Sweden, Canada, USA, Cuba, and Scotland…Really good human experience.

Koenig Solutions is also working with good partners, first for the food (which is important for a basic French guy like me, EDU proposes good quality and typical Indian food, you will enjoy their “full tandoori chicken”, also Peter and Sandeep- the taxi drivers are very cool!

For every services out of the pure IT training, Koenig can really help you: finding a doctor, trying yoga, rent a car or a motorbike, visiting the vicinity of Goa.

I really recommend Koenig to everyone for improving their skills in IT, live a human experience, and challenge yourself, far from home for almost 3 weeks, alone, in a place really different from Europe, with only one goal: to succeed to take the certificates and back home with the feeling that you did a good job by overtake your possibility. You will definitely learn a lot about yourself!

Thanks Koenig Solutions

I’ll probably be back!

Mikael Genaudeau