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I was being sponsored by my company to do the MCAS (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist) course for Office 2007 and Windows Vista, so when it came to organising the course and preparing invoices etc Koenig were very helpful and understanding...

Michelle J Slator (United Kingdom), MS Office Specialist 24 Apr to 02 May 2008

I was being sponsored by my company to do the MCAS (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist) course for Office 2007 and Windows Vista, so when it came to organising the course and preparing invoices etc Koenig were very helpful and understanding.

My company is soon rolling out Vista and MS Office 2007 globally across all regions, therefore training and support will be an important part of this. For my site I will be working closely with the team to provide an important lifeline for those who may struggle with the new version. I felt that the best way to up skill was to attend a fully certified Microsoft course. I searched for such a course and decided that Koenig would be a beneficial choice. All correspondence I had with Koenig staff was informative and friendly when answering the many questions I had about the course and country!

When I found the Koenig link on the web and chose to take the course with them, my next decision was... “Where?” For me I felt that sunny Goa would be the perfect location to go to. I had never been to India before and the thought of attending a course there was a fantastic opportunity for me...work hard during the days and go home for a swim before dinner and carrying on with study. The warmth and sunshine was a nice break from the office and the chilly wintery weather in Switzerland where I am working at the moment (when I returned there after the course, the temperature was about 30°C colder than Goa – certainly a bit of a shock to the system after 3 weeks wearing summery clothes and flip-flops!!)

Travelling alone on such a big trip was a scary prospect for me, knowing that the journey was so long and then an intensive course was awaiting me on arrival! I arrived safely and was picked up by a complementary taxi from the hotel and was able to settle in straight away and adjust to the time difference after about 20 hours of travelling!

I was limited in the time that I could be away from work to attend the course so I chose to do the super fast-track option of the MCAS course. I knew that the course was going to be quite tough to be able to cover so much content (1 new Operating System & 5 new Office programs) in such a short period of time, but I was excited to learn about all of the new features that come with the software.

During my time in Goa, I was very lucky and had the chance to stay at the beautiful ‘Cidade de Goa’ hotel with meals and everything organised by Koenig. All the way through from my arrival to departure the staff were always willing to offer help and good service in a very friendly manner. This made my stay very relaxing and exactly what I needed after a long day studying.

Going all of the way across the world to such a culturally different country and not experiencing any of it would be a big shame, so I took a couple of days each side of the course for some “me time”! I took one day as my tour day and booked a trip from the hotel (a similar one can also be done through Koenig) which took me across Goa to start out at the Doodhsagar Waterfalls. We took a very very bumpy Jeep ride to get closer and also to be able to feed the greedy monkeys there! After the waterfalls my driver took me to a spice plantation for a tour which was fascinating to see all the different spices and fruits growing and to taste the lovely food. I also had an elephant ride which was a great experience! On the way back to Panjim we visited the Mangeshi hindu temple and some very old and very pretty churches in Old Goa, the former Portuguese capital. My driver, was even kind enough to wait for me whilst I watched the sunset at the beach…it was so beautiful! Something I would truly recommend is the night market on a Saturday nightin Arpora which is aroung 18kmts from Panjim ...be prepared to barter with the sellers and you can some great things for really low prices!

I had no real problems or bad experiences whilst I was in Goa, I only wish I had read the student pack a little better and noticed that it is possible to change currency at Koenig…they have a much better rate than the hotels! Eventually I passed all 6 of them with very good grades! I am very happy to now be an MS Certified Application Specialist; I think it will help me a lot with my job.

I had a fantastic time out in Goa and would like to thank (and recommend to others) Koenig for everything…take your certification course there and not only will you work hard to qualify, you will be in a fabulous environment with the best people to look after you!