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n August 2009, I completed the MCITP – Enterprise Administrator course with Koenig Solutions at Shimla....

Michael Hope (United Kingdom), MCITP: Enterprise Administrator – Windows Server 2008 20 Jul to 20 Aug 2009

In August 2009, I completed the MCITP – Enterprise Administrator course with Koenig Solutions at Shimla.  I opted for the Regular Track as I was expecting to have to share a class with several other students, as you would in the UK.  Upon arrival, I discovered that I was going to get one-to-one training which was absolutely superb.  As my instructor had a very good knowledge of the technologies and was able to answer any questions I had, I was able to complete the course well within the allotted time.

The Center Manager and his team run a very smooth operation, with everything well organised and every need catered for.  The staff members at Koenig have always been approachable and always do whatever they can to help you out.  The way everything is pre-arranged makes you very comfortable about coming to India, as you know that nothing is left to chance and risks are minimised.

The morning cab ride is better than any shot of espresso for waking you up, in the evenings I would normally walk back to the hotel as it is a pleasant journey of about 30 – 40 minutes and ideal for monkey watching!  Even though I visited during the monsoon season, it was not as wet as I was expecting it to be and there were some glorious days of sunshine, when you can truly appreciate the breathtaking scenery.  Some of the other past students have already described their experiences at Shimla in great detail and mine were very similar. I stayed at the Hotel Combermere, which I found to be clean, with a friendly atmosphere and all the creature comforts you need for your stay.

It also has a 'night club' and games room where you can play snooker, pool or even table tennis over a beer or two. I would recommend that if you stay in any of the central hotels that you bring earplugs to make sure you sleep well. I was unlucky with a couple of things that I had eaten during my stay so my advice would be that, in general, you are much safer if you stick to ordering Indian dishes – if you want a break from that go to Dominos or Subway on the Mall.

My reason for choosing Koenig, besides the price, was primarily because this sort of training course is not available in the UK - the best you can hope to find is a short cram session followed by exams.  Taking this course has enabled me to get plenty of hands-on experience with the labs and to take my exams without any undue pressure.  I would highly recommend Koenig to anyone considering certification and the only change I would make for any future courses I take would be to allow time to explore some more of this fascinating country.

*Michael Hope*
Heide Technical Support Officer