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Hi my name is Mervin and i'm from the Seychelles islands..."

Mervin Albert (Seychelles), MCPD: Enterprise Applications Developer 22 Sep to 29 Oct 2008

Hi my name is Mervin and i'm from the Seychelles islands. I was doing the MCPD Enterprise Application regular track.

I first heard about Koenig from a friend, and we were amazed by it's good reviews, very cheap price and the student testimonial

When i came to i found that everything they said about the place was true. What best about Koenig is the Knowledge of their instructors and their ability to teach. My instructor was young and very talented. She knows thetechnology inside out and the way she teaches makes everything looks so easy.

She was patient and kind and make sure i understand before moving to next topic. She knows the answer for every question without referring to books as if her head was a computer and it was a good way to clear all the doubt i had. She also knows other language like Java, C++ etc.. and i took the opportunity to compare C# with other language and she gladly answered all the question with a smile. You gain so much that when leaving this place you'll be more confidence and ready for any the challenge.

I was also fortunate to do 3 days experience lab for free which was a promotion, because they are about to launch soon. Good things about the lab is the project assigned covered almost everything learn during the courses so it was a good revision.

The only regret is not be able to visit the Taj Mahal and other Palace which is also organise by the school at a price of course. Hopefully the next time i'll get the chance. Another thing is when coming to India make sure you are mentally prepared cause there's a lot of pollution, but if you are focusing on your goal then you would see past that and make it through

Bottom line is if your aim is to learn the technology at its best and get certified for it then Koenig is the place to be."